Manpage tshark: Add option '-A'

This commit adds option '-A' for rpcap authentication.

Fixes: wireshark/wireshark#16674
Uli Heilmeier 2021-04-09 22:37:35 +02:00 committed by Wireshark GitLab Utility
parent bd123cadaf
commit c2f3b654f7
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@ -181,6 +181,13 @@ the filesize is limited to a maximum value of 2 GiB.
B<packets>:I<value> switch to the next file after it contains I<value>
packets. Same as B<-c>E<lt>capture packet countE<gt>.
=item -A E<lt>userE<gt>:E<lt>passwordE<gt>
Specify a user and a password when B<TShark> captures from a rpcap:// interface
where authentication is required.
This option is available with libpcap with enabled remote support.
=item -b|--ring-buffer E<lt>capture ring buffer optionE<gt>
Cause B<TShark> to run in "multiple files" mode. In "multiple files" mode,