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@ -132,17 +132,3 @@ assembler-language routines, which will fail. The workaround for this
is to run the configure script with the --disable-asm argument, so that
the assembler-language routines are not used. The tools/
will configure libgcrypt with that option.
If you want to build Wireshark installer packages on a system that
doesn't include Xcode 3.x or earlier, you will need to install some
additional tools. From the Xcode menu, select the Open Developer Tool
menu, and then select More Developer Tools... from that menu. That will
open up a page on the Apple Developer Connection Web site; you may need
a developer account to download the additional tools. Download the
Auxiliary Tools for Xcode package; when the dmg opens, drag all its
contents to the Contents/Applications subdirectory of the
directory (normally /Applications/; then
copy .../Contents/Applications/
to /usr/bin/packagemaker (the PackageMaker app, when run from the
command line rather than as a double-clicked app, is the packagemaker