quic: Handle multiple Client Initial messages before a server initial

If there are multiple Client Initial messages before the first server
response (e.g., a long fragmented TLS Client Hello), we won't recognize
the client ID from the server connection and we need to look it up
in the list of initial connections.
John Thacker 2022-07-22 10:19:59 -04:00
parent 158becb733
commit 9d284afa90
1 changed files with 10 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -1064,6 +1064,16 @@ quic_connection_find(packet_info *pinfo, guint8 long_packet_type,
// from the peer. For Client Initial packets, match DCID of the first
// Client Initial (these may contain ACK frames).
conn = quic_connection_find_dcid(pinfo, dcid, from_server);
/* Handle cases where we get a second Client Initial packet before a
* Server Initial packet (so this is not recognized by the server yet),
* e.g. the TLS Client Hello is fragmented in more than one frame.
if (long_packet_type == QUIC_LPT_INITIAL && !conn && dcid->len > 0) {
conn = (quic_info_data_t *) wmem_map_lookup(quic_initial_connections, dcid);
if (conn) {
*from_server = FALSE;
if (long_packet_type == QUIC_LPT_INITIAL && conn && !*from_server && dcid->len > 0 &&
memcmp(dcid, &conn->client_dcid_initial, sizeof(quic_cid_t)) &&
!quic_cids_has_match(&conn->server_cids, dcid)) {