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This is an example of how to build a Wireshark plugin out-of-tree.
This is an example of how to build a Wireshark plugin out-of-tree. This
is an alternative, more recent way to build Wireshark binary plugins,
than the one in 'README.plugins', that describes in detail how to
include a new plugin into the project source tree (here called in-tree
build). Building a plugin out-of-tree doesn't require rebuilding the whole
Wireshark source tree every time.
Note that this builds against Wireshark's *installed* version. You should of
course adapt to your own needs.
You always need to rebuild plugins for each major.minor Wireshark version.
Binary compatibility is never guaranteed between those releases and Wireshark
will explicitly check for which version the plugin was built and refuse
to load it otherwise.
Note that this method builds the plugin against Wireshark's *system installion*,
using CMake's Config-file mechanism[1] for configuration.
You should of course adapt this trivial example to your own needs.
To build/install the plugin:
@ -13,6 +25,8 @@ $ sudo make install
If your WiresharkConfig.cmake file is not in one of the standard cmake search
paths you will have to tell cmake where to find it. You can do so using
CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, for example
CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, for example:
$ cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/opt/wireshark" ..