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@ -755,7 +755,26 @@ to avoid warnings at all.
The compiler flags in the Makefiles are set to "treat warnings as errors",
so your code won't even compile when warnings occur.
7. Miscellaneous notes
7. General observatons about architecture
One day we might conceivably wish to load dissectors on demand and do other
more sophisticated kinds of unit test. Plus other scenarios not immediately
obvious. For this to be possible it is important that the code in epan/ does
not depend on code in epan/dissectors, i.e it is possible to compile epan
without linking with dissector code. It helps to view dissectors as clients
of an API provided by epan (libwireshark being constituted by two distinct
components "epan" and "dissectors" bundled together, plus other bits and
pieces). The reverse is ǹot* true; epan should not be the client of an API
provided by dissectors.
The main way this separation of concerns is achieved is by using runtime
registration interfaces in epan for dissectors, preferences, etc. that are
dynamic and do not have any dissector routines hard coded. Naturally this
is also an essential component of a plugin system (libwireshark has plugins
for taps, dissectors and an experimental interface to augment dissection with
new extension languages).
8. Miscellaneous notes
Each commit in your branch corresponds to a different VCSVERSION string
automatically defined in the header 'vcs_version.h' during the build. If you happen