Zero the key in ntlmssp, because we don't otherwise fill all of it. I suspect

the tvb_memcpy on the next line should be taking more data, but I don't know
enough about the protocol to be sure. This is the least disruptive way to fix
the last valgrind error from

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Evan Huus 2013-09-19 17:39:43 +00:00
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commit 606c422d5b
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@ -1988,6 +1988,7 @@ dissect_ntlmssp_payload(tvbuff_t *tvb, packet_info *pinfo, proto_tree *tree, voi
/* Encrypted body */
proto_tree_add_item (ntlmssp_tree, hf_ntlmssp_verf_body,
tvb, offset, ntlm_signature_size + ntlm_seq_size, ENC_NA);
memset(key, 0, sizeof(key));
tvb_memcpy(tvb, key, offset, ntlm_signature_size + ntlm_seq_size);
/* Try to decrypt */
decrypt_data_payload (tvb, offset+(ntlm_signature_size + ntlm_seq_size), encrypted_block_length-(ntlm_signature_size + ntlm_seq_size), pinfo, ntlmssp_tree, key);