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This document contains instructions to build Wireshark natively on Windows
This document contains instructions to build and install Wireshark on Windows
using GCC and MinGW-w64 with the MSYS2 distribution.
Steps to setup the build environment:
How to setup MSYS2:
1. Download and install MSYS2 from
2. Open the MSYS2 MSYS shell.
3. Update with "pacman -Syu" as many times as necessary. You may also wish
to install base-devel at this point: pacman -S base-devel. Anytime you
3. Update with "pacman -Syu" as many times as necessary. You also need to
have base-devel installed: pacman -S base-devel. Anytime you
want to run pacman it's recommended to do so from the MSYS shell.
4. Install pactoys for convenience:
How to build the Wireshark MSYS2 package:
$ pacman -S pactoys
1. Open the MSYS2 MSYS shell.
5. Install the dependencies. From the source directory run:
2. Create a build directory and copy the PKGBUILD from the source tree:
$ ./tools/ --install-all
Individual packages can be installed using pacboy:
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ wget
$ pacboy -S toolchain:x cmake:x ninja:x ccache:x
3. Build the package:
There isn't a native git package provided with MSYS2 so it's recommended that
you continue using the Git-For-Windows installer (or see [1]).
$ makepkg-mingw -sCLf
From this point on it's a typical ninja build:
4. Install it:
1. Open the MSYS2 MINGW64 shell.
$ pacman -U mingw-w64-*-wireshark-*-any.pkg.tar.zst
2. Create the build directory. This example will assume the build directory
is under the source directory:
The application must be run from the MINGW64 shell.
$ cd $srcdir && mkdir build && cd build
Currently the Wireshark MinGW-w64 build has the following limitations:
3. Run cmake:
4. Build by running "ninja" in the build directory:
$ ninja
Currently the Wireshark MinGW-w64 build using MSYS2 has the following
* The ETW extcap (etwdump) does not build.
* The ETW extcap (etwdump) is not supported.
* Some optional dependencies are not available in the official MSYS2
repositories. These are:
@ -58,12 +44,7 @@ limitations:
- SBC codec
- BCG729 codec
* There is no Wireshark binary package available. More work is
needed to implement this. To be decided if it will use NSIS or something
* There is currently no way to build a stand-alone distributable binary
package, similar to the Wireshark NSIS installer built using Visual Studio.
* Many compiler warnings to be fixed.