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@ -1018,7 +1018,7 @@ Graeme Hewson <graeme.hewson[AT]> {
Make dialog box pop up only after a minimum period of time
Pasi Eronen <pe[at]> {
Pasi Eronen <pe[AT]> {
Patches to the dcerpc dissector for data representation decoding
XDMCP support
Support for PCT cipher suites and record layer in SSL
@ -3378,6 +3378,11 @@ Per Liedberg <per.liedberg [AT]> {
RoHC dissection improvments
Gaurav Tungatkar <gauravstt [AT]> {
Extended ICMP - Multipart Message Support (RFC 4884)
and Extension for Interface and Next-Hop
and by:
Pavel Roskin <proski [AT]>
@ -3589,7 +3594,7 @@
Henrik Brix Andersen <brix[AT]> gave permission for his
webbrowser calling routine to be used.
Christophe Devine <c.devine[at]> gave permission for his
Christophe Devine <c.devine[AT]> gave permission for his
SHA1 routines to be used.
snax <snax[AT]> gave permission to use his(?) weak key