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@ -430,6 +430,16 @@ Wireshark uses Libgcrypt as general-purpose crypto library. To use it from
your dissector, do not include gcrypt.h directly, but use the wrapper file
wsutil/wsgcrypt.h instead.
We support building on Windows using MinGW-w64 (experimental) so be mindful
of the difference between an #ifdef on _WIN32 and _MSC_VER. The first tests
if the platform is some version of Windows and also applies to MinGW. The
latter tests if the toolchain is Microsoft Visual Studio. Sometimes you need
one or the other, depending on whether the condition applies to all Windows
compilers or only Microsoft's compiler. Use #ifdef __MINGW32__ to test for
a MinGW toolchain, including MinGW-w64. The same concern applies to CMake
code. Depending on the particular situation you may need to use if(WIN32) or
if(MSVC) or if(MINGW).
2. String handling
Do not use functions such as strcat() or strcpy().