Note that GTK+ 2.4 doesn't work, and indicate why.

Enumerate the dependencies for GLib 2.4/GTK+ 2.4, and indicate that GNU
gettext is also required, even though it's not in the set of
dependencies on the GTK+ site (after all, the ENTIRE WORLD runs Linux,

Give a (partial) order for the dependencies.

Note some issues with building and installing the JPEG and libpng

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$Id: README.macos,v 1.4 2004/03/21 22:55:59 guy Exp $
$Id: README.macos,v 1.5 2004/03/22 23:40:44 guy Exp $
This file tries to help building Ethereal for Mac OS X (Ethereal does
not work on earlier versions of Mac OS).
@ -20,8 +20,36 @@ which is known to work in this constellation:
GTK+ 2.2.3
ATK 1.2.4
and the corresponding dependencies. In case you also have gtk1 installed,
you will need to run configure with the "--enable-gtk2" argument.
(GTK+ 2.4 won't work, as it requires Pango 1.4 with fontconfig support,
and Pango 1.4 refuses to handle a fontconfig that pkg-config doesn't
know about, such as the fontconfig in Panther) and the corresponding
as well as GNU gettext, which isn't included in the directory of
dependencies on the GTK+ FTP site. NOTE: you must install the
pkg-config dependency first; unless it is installed, you cannot
configure GLib or GTK+. After that, you must install GNU gettext; only
after both of those have been built and installed will you be able to
configure GLib. After configuring and installing GLib, configure,
build, and install Pango, ATK, jpegsrc, libpng, tiff, and GTK+, in
order. (The exact order might not be important, but you must configure,
build, and install Pango and ATK before configuring GTK+ and, if you
want GTK+ to be able to use the capabilities from the other libraries,
you must configure, build, and install them before configuring GTK+.)
You will need to do "make install-lib" for the JPEG library to install
its libraries - "make install" does not suffice. You will also have to
do "sudo ranlib /usr/lib/libjpeg.a" after "make install-lib".
For libpng, use scripts/makefile.darwin, not scripts/makefile.macosx.
In case you also have gtk1 installed, you will need to run configure
with the "--enable-gtk2" argument.
Another problem are compile errors in the wiretap directory like the