We now try to detect OS X systems with a new libpcap but old headers,

and not try to use the shiny new routines on those systems, so you
shouldn't get the "`pcap_if_t' undeclared" error any more.

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@ -71,26 +71,3 @@ with the "--disable-gtk2" argument it'll try to configure with GLib
if they are installed, the configure script will configure
Ethereal to build with them.
Another problem are compile errors in the wiretap directory like the
pcap-util.c: In function `get_interface_list_findalldevs':
pcap-util.c:195: error: `pcap_if_t' undeclared (first use in this function)
On first sight, it would appear that Mac OS X 10.x ships with a weird
version of libpcap that includes pcap_findalldevs, but no definition for
As it turns out, this isn't true for Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.3.2; they
ships with an 0.6[.x]-derived libpcap that doesn't include
"pcap_findalldevs()". The problem in those releases is caused by a
Security Update - it updates the libpcap dylib to 0.8.1, but doesn't
update the header files (or the man page - and also doesn't update the
tcpdump man page to 3.8.1).
In addition, the Software Update to 10.3.3 and later will update the
libpcap dylib but not the header files. If systems come pre-installed
with 10.3.3, they might have the correct header files (and man pages).
As a workaround, install pcap.h and pcap-bpf.h from
tcpdump.org's libpcap 0.8.1 in "/usr/include".