Remove references to autotools, GTK+, and X11.

We don't support building with autotools (except for building the
support libraries using, and we don't support GTK+ and
thus don't require X11.

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@ -27,11 +27,6 @@ for macOS from
The Wireshark source includes an autoconf configure script; however,
that script cannot find recent versions of Qt for macOS, and will not
try to find macOS frameworks that Wireshark can use to improve the user
experience, so we don't recomment using the configure script.
The tools/ script can be used to download, patch as
necessary, build as necessary, and install those libraries and the
libraries on which they depend, along with tools such as CMake; it will,
@ -41,22 +36,11 @@ specified by variables set early in the script; you can comment out the
settings of optional libraries if you don't want them downloaded and
installed. Before running the tools/ script, and before
attempting to build Wireshark, make sure your PKG_CONFIG_PATH
environment variable's setting includes both /usr/X11/lib/pkgconfig and
environment variable's setting includes /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig.
The tools/ script must be run from the top-level source
If you wish to build the legacy (GTK+) UI you must have X11 and the X11
developer headers and libraries installed, as well as the Pango, ATK,
and GTK+ libraries; otherwise, you will not be able to build or install
GTK+. The X11 and X11 SDK that come with macOS releases for releases
from Panther to Lion can be used to build and run Wireshark. Mountain
Lion and later do not include X11; you should install X11 from
elsewhere, such as
After you have installed those libraries:
1. If you have installed Qt into some non-standard place, as is
@ -122,12 +106,6 @@ replace all occurrences of "libiconv_open" with "iconv_open" in the
configure script before running the script. The tools/
setup script will patch GLib to work around this.
GTK+ - GTK+ 2.24.10, at least, doesn't build on Mountain Lion with the
CUPS printing backend - either the CUPS API changed incompatibly or the
backend was depending on non-API implementation details. The
tools/ setup script will, on Mountain Lion and later,
configure GTK+ with the CUPS printing backend disabled.
libgcrypt - the libgcrypt configuration script attempts to determine
which flavor of assembler-language routines to use based on the platform
type determined by standard autoconf code. That code uses uname to