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%% -*- erlang-indent-level: 4;indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
%% ex: ts=4 sw=4 et
-define(PROVIDER, install).
-define(NAMESPACE, local).
-define(DEPS, []).
%% ===================================================================
%% Public API
%% ===================================================================
-spec init(rebar_state:t()) -> {ok, rebar_state:t()}.
init(State) ->
State1 =
providers:create([{name, ?PROVIDER},
{module, ?MODULE},
{bare, true},
{namespace, ?NAMESPACE},
{deps, ?DEPS},
{example, "rebar3 unstable install"},
{short_desc, "Extract libs from rebar3 escript along with a run script."},
{desc, ""},
{opts, []}])),
{ok, State1}.
-spec do(rebar_state:t()) -> {ok, rebar_state:t()} | {error, string()}.
do(State) ->
case os:type() of
{win32, _} ->
?ERROR("Sorry, this feature is not yet available on Windows.", []),
{ok, State};
_ ->
case rebar_state:escript_path(State) of
undefined ->
?INFO("Already running from an unpacked rebar3. Nothing to do...", []),
{ok, State};
ScriptPath ->
extract_escript(State, ScriptPath)
-spec format_error(any()) -> iolist().
format_error({non_writeable, Dir}) ->
io_lib:format("Could not write to ~p. Please ensure the path is writeable.",
format_error(Reason) ->
io_lib:format("~p", [Reason]).
bin_contents(OutputDir, Vsn) ->
<<"#!/usr/bin/env sh
## Rebar3 ", (iolist_to_binary(Vsn))/binary, "
VSN=${VSN:-", (iolist_to_binary(Vsn))/binary, "}
erl -pz ", (rebar_utils:to_binary(OutputDir))/binary,"/${VSN}/lib/*/ebin +sbtu +A1 -noshell -boot start_clean -s rebar3 main $REBAR3_ERL_ARGS -extra \"$@\"
extract_escript(State, ScriptPath) ->
{ok, Escript} = escript:extract(ScriptPath, []),
{archive, Archive} = lists:keyfind(archive, 1, Escript),
{ok, Vsn} = application:get_key(rebar, vsn),
install_escript(State, Vsn, Archive).
install_escript(State, Vsn, Archive) ->
%% Extract contents of Archive to ~/.cache/rebar3/vsns/<VSN>/lib
%% And add a rebar3 bin script to ~/.cache/rebar3/bin
Opts = rebar_state:opts(State),
VersionsDir = filename:join(rebar_dir:global_cache_dir(Opts), "vsns"),
OutputDir = filename:join([VersionsDir, Vsn, "lib"]),
case filelib:ensure_dir(filename:join([OutputDir, "empty"])) of
ok ->
{error, Posix} when Posix == eaccess; Posix == enoent ->
throw(?PRV_ERROR({non_writeable, OutputDir}))
?INFO("Extracting rebar3 libs to ~ts...", [OutputDir]),
zip:extract(Archive, [{cwd, OutputDir}]),
BinDir = filename:join(rebar_dir:global_cache_dir(Opts), "bin"),
BinFile = filename:join(BinDir, "rebar3"),
?INFO("Writing rebar3 run script ~ts...", [BinFile]),
file:write_file(BinFile, bin_contents(VersionsDir, Vsn)),
ok = file:write_file_info(BinFile, #file_info{mode=33277}),
?INFO("Add to $PATH for use: export PATH=~ts:$PATH", [BinDir]),
{ok, State}.