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-spec run_all_hooks(file:filename_all(), pre | post,
atom() | {atom(), atom()} | string(),
[providers:t()], rebar_app_info:t(), rebar_state:t()) -> rebar_app_info:t().
run_all_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, AppInfo, State) ->
?DEBUG("Running hooks for ~p in app ~ts (~ts) with configuration:",
[Command, rebar_app_info:name(AppInfo), Dir]),
State1 = rebar_state:current_app(State, AppInfo),
State2 = run_provider_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, rebar_app_info:opts(AppInfo), State1),
run_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, rebar_app_info:opts(AppInfo), State1),
run_all_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, State) ->
?DEBUG("Running hooks for ~p with configuration:", [Command]),
run_provider_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, rebar_state:opts(State), State),
run_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, rebar_state:opts(State), State).
run_project_and_app_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, State) ->
ProjectApps = rebar_state:project_apps(State),
?DEBUG("Running app-specific hooks", []),
[rebar_hooks:run_all_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, AppInfo, State) || AppInfo <- ProjectApps],
?DEBUG("Running project-wide hooks", []),
run_all_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, State).
format_error({bad_provider, Type, Command, {Name, Namespace}}) ->
io_lib:format("Unable to run ~ts hooks for '~p', command '~p' in namespace '~p' not found.", [Type, Command, Namespace, Name]);
format_error({bad_provider, Type, Command, Name}) ->
io_lib:format("Unable to run ~ts hooks for '~p', command '~p' not found.", [Type, Command, Name]).
%%% PRIVATE %%%
run_provider_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, Opts, State) ->
case rebar_opts:get(Opts, provider_hooks, []) of
[] ->
AllHooks ->
TypeHooks = proplists:get_value(Type, AllHooks, []),
run_provider_hooks_(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, TypeHooks, rebar_state:opts(State, Opts))
run_provider_hooks_(_Dir, _Type, _Command, _Providers, [], State) ->
run_provider_hooks_(Dir, Type, Command, Providers, TypeHooks, State) ->
case proplists:get_all_values(Command, TypeHooks) of
[] ->
?DEBUG("\t{provider_hooks, []}.", []),
HookProviders ->
rebar_paths:set_paths([plugins], State),
Providers1 = rebar_state:providers(State),
%% Drop CLI arguments from the command for the hook.
State0 = rebar_state:command_parsed_args(
rebar_state:command_args(State, []),
{[], []}
State1 = rebar_state:providers(rebar_state:dir(State0, Dir), Providers++Providers1),
?DEBUG("\t{provider_hooks, [{~p, ~p}]}.",
[Type, HookProviders]),
case rebar_core:do(HookProviders, State1) of
{error, ProviderName} ->
?DEBUG(format_error({bad_provider, Type, Command, ProviderName}), []),
throw(?PRV_ERROR({bad_provider, Type, Command, ProviderName}));
{ok, State2} ->
rebar_paths:set_paths([deps], State2),
run_hooks(Dir, pre, Command, Opts, State) ->
run_hooks(Dir, pre_hooks, Command, Opts, State);
run_hooks(Dir, post, Command, Opts, State) ->
run_hooks(Dir, post_hooks, Command, Opts, State);
run_hooks(Dir, Type, Command, Opts, State) ->
case rebar_opts:get(Opts, Type, []) of
[] ->
?DEBUG("\t{~p, []}.", [Type]),
?DIAGNOSTIC("run_hooks(~p, ~p, ~p) -> no hooks defined\n", [Dir, Type, Command]),
Hooks ->
Env = rebar_env:create_env(State, Opts),
CommandHooks = lists:filter(
fun({_, C, _}) when C =:= Command -> true;
({C, _}) when C =:= Command -> true;
(_) -> false
?DEBUG("\t{~p, ~p}.",
[Type, CommandHooks]),
lists:foreach(fun(Hook) -> apply_hook(Dir, Env, Hook) end, CommandHooks)
apply_hook(Dir, Env, {Arch, Command, Hook}) ->
case rebar_utils:is_arch(Arch) of
true ->
apply_hook(Dir, Env, {Command, Hook});
false ->
apply_hook(Dir, Env, {Command, Hook}) ->
Msg = lists:flatten(io_lib:format("Hook for ~p failed!~n", [Command])),
rebar_utils:sh(Hook, [use_stdout, {cd, Dir}, {env, Env}, {abort_on_error, Msg}]).