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%% Callbacks
-export([on_tc_skip/3, on_tc_skip/4]).
%% We work by setting an 'abort' variable on each test case that fails
%% and then triggering the failure before starting the next test. This
%% ensures that all other hooks have run for the same event, and
%% simplifies error reporting.
-record(state, {abort=false}).
%% @doc Return a unique id for this CTH.
id(_Opts) ->
{?MODULE, make_ref()}.
%% @doc Always called before any other callback function. Use this to initiate
%% any common state.
init(_Id, _Opts) ->
{ok, #state{}}.
%% @doc Called before init_per_suite is called.
pre_init_per_suite(_Suite,_Config,#state{abort=true}) ->
pre_init_per_suite(_Suite,Config,State) ->
{Config, State}.
%% @doc Called after init_per_suite.
post_init_per_suite(_Suite,_Config,Return,State) ->
{Return, State}.
%% @doc Called before end_per_suite.
pre_end_per_suite(_Suite,_Config,#state{abort=true}) ->
pre_end_per_suite(_Suite,Config,State) ->
{Config, State}.
%% @doc Called after end_per_suite.
post_end_per_suite(_Suite,_Config,Return,State) ->
{Return, State}.
%% @doc Called before each init_per_group.
pre_init_per_group(_Group,_Config,#state{abort=true}) ->
pre_init_per_group(_Group,Config,State) ->
{Config, State}.
%% @doc Called after each init_per_group.
post_init_per_group(_Group,_Config,Return, State) ->
{Return, State}.
%% @doc Called after each end_per_group.
pre_end_per_group(_Group,_Config,#state{abort=true}) ->
pre_end_per_group(_Group,Config,State) ->
{Config, State}.
%% @doc Called after each end_per_group.
post_end_per_group(_Group,_Config,Return, State) ->
{Return, State}.
%% @doc Called before each test case.
pre_init_per_testcase(_TC,_Config,#state{abort=true}) ->
pre_init_per_testcase(_TC,Config,State) ->
{Config, State}.
%% @doc Called after each test case.
post_end_per_testcase(_TC,_Config,ok,State) ->
{ok, State};
post_end_per_testcase(_TC,_Config,Error,State) ->
{Error, State#state{abort=true}}.
%% @doc Called after post_init_per_suite, post_end_per_suite, post_init_per_group,
%% post_end_per_group and post_end_per_testcase if the suite, group or test case failed.
on_tc_fail(_TC, _Reason, State) ->
%% @doc Called when a test case is skipped by either user action
%% or due to an init function failing. (>= 19.3)
on_tc_skip(_Suite, _TC, {tc_auto_skip, _}, State) ->
on_tc_skip(_Suite, _TC, _Reason, State) ->
%% @doc Called when a test case is skipped by either user action
%% or due to an init function failing. (Pre-19.3)
on_tc_skip(_TC, {tc_auto_skip, _}, State) ->
on_tc_skip(_TC, _Reason, State) ->
%% @doc Called when the scope of the CTH is done
terminate(#state{}) ->
%%% Helpers
abort() ->
io:format(user, "Detected test failure. Aborting~n", []),