Open Source implementation of APCO P25
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#!/usr/bin/env python
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from xml.dom import minidom
import os
import sys
import compound
import indexsuper as supermod
class DoxygenTypeSub(supermod.DoxygenType):
def __init__(self, version=None, compound=None):
supermod.DoxygenType.__init__(self, version, compound)
def find_compounds_and_members(self, details):
Returns a list of all compounds and their members which match details
results = []
for compound in self.compound:
members = compound.find_members(details)
if members:
results.append([compound, members])
if details.match(compound):
results.append([compound, []])
return results
supermod.DoxygenType.subclass = DoxygenTypeSub
# end class DoxygenTypeSub
class CompoundTypeSub(supermod.CompoundType):
def __init__(self, kind=None, refid=None, name='', member=None):
supermod.CompoundType.__init__(self, kind, refid, name, member)
def find_members(self, details):
Returns a list of all members which match details
results = []
for member in self.member:
if details.match(member):
return results
supermod.CompoundType.subclass = CompoundTypeSub
# end class CompoundTypeSub
class MemberTypeSub(supermod.MemberType):
def __init__(self, kind=None, refid=None, name=''):
supermod.MemberType.__init__(self, kind, refid, name)
supermod.MemberType.subclass = MemberTypeSub
# end class MemberTypeSub
def parse(inFilename):
doc = minidom.parse(inFilename)
rootNode = doc.documentElement
rootObj = supermod.DoxygenType.factory()
return rootObj