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370 Commits (d90ecd7c89cd51eb4c06247ede0eb52337cce5d2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Max d90ecd7c89 gr3.8 build 4 months ago
Max de370340cf udev and blacklist rules for airspy and rtl 4 months ago
Max 245ff05489 fix compile warning 4 months ago
Max 1cd344a838 bug fixes thx Bill B 4 months ago
Max 16e8b53fbf python 4 months ago
Max 4028ec6a4e imports 4 months ago
Max e7fc1c6c45 scripts 4 months ago
Max f010f3f5dc message, msg_queue, msg_handler 4 months ago
Matt Ames dc90a85c02 AlgID updates, finally discovered Motorola's GOST implementation in the wild! 5 months ago
Max dd830a1463 poss. fix for tailing audio artifact p25p2 7 months ago
Max 1e7b8b43a2 chg include file handling 8 months ago
Max f51999c49f tdma crc message: increase log threshold 8 months ago
Max 72ccc09ee0 remove file 8 months ago
Max 86a609d743 gr3.9 build process updates 8 months ago
Max b2ec8b376e fix compile problem 8 months ago
Max bc0ba19e9b define M_PI et al 8 months ago
Max c6b3799b96 update gr3.9 install script 8 months ago
Max 3af1dbe0db class variable naming conflict 8 months ago
Max 387cf57662 update gr3.9 install deps 8 months ago
Max ff96eb549b update messaging 8 months ago
Max 6966b5fbe3 README-gr3.9 8 months ago
Max 48b0de1986 build scripts for gr3.9 and gr3.10 8 months ago
Max e965205121 build scripts for gr3.9 and gr3.10 8 months ago
Max 713e632e6c fix some compiler warnings 8 months ago
Max f8a9b6128a fix includes 8 months ago
Max 23cd0111b7 python2/3 compat int/float problem 9 months ago
Max cca08a1694 correct virtual function defs 9 months ago
Max 702370af8c fix c++ include paths 9 months ago
Max d1ee843822 python: drop gru from import 9 months ago
Max 3b687098d0 src address UI updates thx Trip 9 months ago
Max ecc0c6f6b1 error tracking updates, fixes 10 months ago
Max 84042249fc discrete passband tuning based on step size 10 months ago
Max 61144fa477 allow input from file in disctap mode 1 year ago
Max b9752d54bf New RX Two Pane Mode thx Trip 1 year ago
Max 53490d0c8c workaround spurious algid 1 year ago
Max f31302bff7 main.js fix font size, auth_dmd, Thx Trip 1 year ago
Max 5e87fdc889 new ui, added cfg options, add AUTH_DMD 1 year ago
Max e540ade02b fix mbt00, add new AUTH_DMD mbt op 1 year ago
Max eb9a8be83d fix debug messages 1 year ago
Max a148cf1fe5 bugfixes for audio-if mode 1 year ago
Max 3492bd70b1 new algo to eliminate +- 2400 Hz tuning ambiguity 1 year ago
Max fbae3bcfde p25p1 link control msg python handler 1 year ago
Max 2ee08e9c24 for xor area cleared at incorrect time 1 year ago
Max 5818d58dba p25p2 pdu updates, new 'sync' plot mode 1 year ago
Max 8a948a3bee python3 updates 1 year ago
Max 8b77120005 udp configs: fix discrepancy 1 year ago
Max d9794b5123 KeyError crash / fix 1 year ago
Max e40f2c53da xormask area uninitialized, crash in rs decode 1 year ago
Max ddd70bdd07 audio-if updates 1 year ago
Max 13a3bccb9e gr3.8 updates for debian 11 bullseye build 1 year ago