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@ -15,7 +15,6 @@ New features in this release (June, 2021)
* smart colors
* user settings (colors, preferences) may be edited and saved via a
convenient set of web forms and applications
* Experimental TDMA Control Channel support
2. The multi_rx app adds extensions to include trunked P25 call following
concurrent with full-time tracking of one or more P25 control channels.
@ -28,6 +27,8 @@ New features in this release (June, 2021)
3. Control channel logging to SQL database is added. For details see the
section on the Flask Datatables App, below.
4. Experimental TDMA Control Channel support
@ -263,3 +264,28 @@ version of flask in a directory such as:
If install of the apt version of flask is attempted, it may result in an
obsolete and/or incompatible flask version being installed.
NOTE: The following command example can be used when starting the oplog
process as a system service:
* Change <user> to match the username
* Make appropriate corrections if the git repo is cloned into a different
directory than in the command shown
* Verify the resulting path and filename is correct.
============ ============
#! /bin/sh
export FLASK_APP=op25
FLASK_DEBUG=1 flask run --host=
In lieu of setting the flask PATH (as per step 2, above) you could also
specify it explicitly. In that case, replace the last line of as
FLASK_DEBUG=1 /home/<user>/.local/bin/flask run --host=
* Change <user> to match the username
* Confirm the "flask" file is present in ..../bin/ and is executable
* Set "host" to "" to restrict HTTP connections to the local
* WARNING The web server is not security-hardened. It is not
designed for exposure to public web-facing applications.