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@ -174,3 +174,42 @@ Options:
-2, --phase2-tdma enable phase2 tdma decode
-Z DECIM_AMT, --decim-amt=DECIM_AMT
spectrum decimation
The app allows an arbitrary number of SDR devices and channels
to be defined. Each channel may have one or more plot windows attached.
Configuration is achieved via a json file (see cfg.json for an example).
In this version, channels are automatically assigned to the first device
found whose frequency span includes the selected frequency.
As of this writing (winter, 2017), neither trunking nor P25 P2/TDMA are
supported in The app should be used for P25 trunking,
for either P1/FDMA or P2/TDMA.
Below is a summary of the major config file keys:
demod_type: 'cqpsk' for qpsk p25 only; 'fsk4' for ysf/dstar/dmr/fsk4 p25
filter_type: 'rc' for p25; 'rrc' for dmr and ysf; 'gmsk' for d-star
plot: 'fft', 'constellation', 'datascope', 'symbol'
[if more than one plot desired, provide a comma-separated list]
destination: 'udp://host:port' or 'file://<filename>'
name: arbitrary string used to identify channels and devices
bug: 'fft' and 'constellation' currently mutually exclusive
bug: 'gmsk' needs work
Note: DMR audio for the second time slot is sent on the specified port number
plus two. In the example 'udp://', audio for the first slot
would use 56122; and 56124 for the second.
The command line options for multi_rx:
Usage: [options]
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c CONFIG_FILE, --config-file=CONFIG_FILE
specify config file name
message debug level
-p, --pause block on startup