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@ -90,7 +90,9 @@ With this configuration the web server should listen on HTTP port
With OP25 started using the options -V -w (and -2 if using
TDMA) and with ffmpeg.liq started (both from the apps directory),
you should be able to connect to http://hostip:8081/live.html
and click the Play button to begin.
and click the Play button to begin. NOTE: See note E for more
details about how to specify the value for 'hostip' in the above
@ -159,6 +161,29 @@ var hlsDefaultConfig = _objectSpread(_objectSpread({
(reflecting the above modification) would need to be added.
D. note that pausing and seeking etc. in the media feed isn't
possible when doing live streaming.
E. when connecting from the remote client to the nginx server as
detailed in step 6 (above) you should specify the value for
'hostip' as follows (omitting the quotes):
'localhost' (default) - use this when the client is on the same
machine as the server
'host.ip.address' - specify the IP address of the server when
the client and server machines are different, and the server
does not have a DNS hostname.
'hostname' - if the server has a DNS hostname, this name should
be used in place of 'hostip'.
Note that in the second and third cases above you must also
change the hostname from 'localhost' to the IP address or DNS
hostname, respectively, in the following files
in /var/www/html (total three occurrences).
Similarly, if an IP port other than 8081 is to be used, the same
updates as above must be made, and also the nginx conf file must
be updated to reflect the changed port number.