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Running OP25 in Gnuradio 3.9 and 3.10 Date: May 31, 2022
0. First remove any existing OP25 installation
cd ...path-to-existing/op25/build
sudo make uninstall
1. Apply the patch for gr3.8 as described in file README-gr3.8.patch
in this directory.
2. Run the command
(Note, do not use the standard script for gr3.9 and/or gr3.10).
1. The location for WIN_HANN, WIN_HAMMING, and so forth has moved to
fft.window (formerly filter.firdes). The python has not yet been
updated to reflect.
2. A strange hang condition has been observed in - the bug is not
fully understood. The strace output shows many futex calls ending
with a "timeout" - not clear if some missing event might be causing this
stall condition... User feedback is requested...
3. Currently the cmake process is not centralized; 'make uninstall' must
therefore be run once from each of the 'build' and 'build_repeater'
directories under 'src/'.