122 Commits (master)

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max f84a4ff655 add options for AGC, dibit output, 6k symbol rate 10 years ago
max f190b7fd6a tx fixes 10 years ago
max a021fc284d fix self.msgq typo bug 11 years ago
max 8e808c2167 add wng 11 years ago
max 5640f0e1a7 add tone detect option 11 years ago
max 47819eb19b add magsq_psd.py 11 years ago
mossmann 92a60012ce p25craft.py: a command line utility for crafting P25 packets 11 years ago
stevie 70047875f7 Swap c4fm demod to use our version. 12 years ago
matt f76f2bc712 Fix Makefile and op25_tx Python calls 12 years ago
stevie 221893dc67 Fix rate bug. 12 years ago
stevie b28ec65e9a Make pcap_source produce packed output, convert to unpacked using standard block. 12 years ago
stevie 898ef39212 Modify usrp_c4fm_tx_nogui to lose repeat flag. 12 years ago
stevie 4e66b37847 c4fm_tx_nogui - add Max's modulator, initial testing. 12 years ago
stevie c038cd01d4 Fix error string catenation in usrp_p25_rx_gl.py 12 years ago
stevie 8c345744d5 Remove free-standing pcap_source object. 12 years ago
stevie db70451cb1 Initial draft of pcap injector. 12 years ago
stevie 5f74a62153 Add 'self' to 'options' on call to open_usrp(). NB: bug when freq not set on cmd line. 12 years ago
stevie 83e8e5eb65 Changed audio_p25_rx to cope with PYTHONPATH issue and fix msgq bug. 12 years ago
stevie 1d362ffe53 Make usrp_p25_rx_gl.py use the slicer and new signature for decoder. 12 years ago
stevie 8ee7040a76 Fix errors in audio_p25_rx.py 12 years ago
stevie 07d9c9f91a Fix errors in file_c4fm_rx_nogui.py 12 years ago
stevie 41aca2016e Add slicer to flow graphs for C4FM demodulator. 12 years ago
stevie 4b888e7baa Name changes, new files. 12 years ago
stevie 5524872f63 Add simple c4fm demod no gui. 12 years ago
stevie 53328147da Switch from TUN/TAP to UDP encapsulated output. 12 years ago
stevie 6b42da1e45 Modify decoder initialization. 12 years ago
stevie df09ff167c Remove deprecated call to exception.msg. 12 years ago
max 2ddec336ba repeater updates for audio_imbe.py 12 years ago
max 08c3bafab0 move vocoder block to repeater 12 years ago
max b2e4d4dd9d add cqpsk-demod-file.py 13 years ago
max 339814f732 add fs4k_recv_file.py 13 years ago
ab2qz 79d7df78dc added Balint's pcm decoder 13 years ago
max 8594190574 add audio_imbe.py 13 years ago
matt 577093dfc3 Fix calls to new functions 13 years ago
matt 5cefd5466b Remove common.py dependancy 13 years ago
stevie 976dce50d6 Add GL version of usrp_p25_rx. 13 years ago
mossmann ea386d7a83 switch to top_block 13 years ago
stevie 11071f0dfe Fix transient flag. 13 years ago
stevie 87b8b738f8 Add package workaround, transient option. 13 years ago
stevie 21e12880d7 Workaround for package stuff. 13 years ago
max 9b4fe2d308 add -i option to op25_audio_tx 13 years ago
max 6aa2eb3110 add -o option to op25_remote_tx 13 years ago
mossmann ccfede8fb2 added sleep to infinite queue checking loop to reduce CPU contention 13 years ago
max 00e43b6080 add op25_audio_tx.py 13 years ago
max 17b5e68b46 Add op25 TX programs 13 years ago
max a0304c24db fix filter viewing toggle bug 14 years ago
stevie cd66608acf Ticket #1: fix forecast, reintroduce throttle. Whoo hoo! 14 years ago
stevie 50bdbe2c01 Ticket #1 - add software IMBE decoding to block. 14 years ago
max 9f124e42e4 add audio_p25_tx.py 14 years ago
max 6a0d9f5da2 Capture from Discriminator Tap 14 years ago