326 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
max 9babc49aee replaced by trunking.py 9 years ago
max ef927d63ec trunking 9 years ago
max 54f1a19a17 messaging updates 9 years ago
max 6e6539571f trunking 9 years ago
max 86373169c7 osmosdr, updates 9 years ago
max fb53d788ae fix decoder call 9 years ago
max 77052aaea8 tsbk decoder 9 years ago
max 3293212043 software codec option, fix gruel incl 9 years ago
max fbffa862a8 hack to allow 6K correlation sigs 10 years ago
max 9b7e3709ac tdma decoder 10 years ago
max f84a4ff655 add options for AGC, dibit output, 6k symbol rate 10 years ago
max 73e2f68fc6 add arb-resample.py 10 years ago
max 225f1972ab add file options 10 years ago
max 1cb90fe5e2 add speed 6000 10 years ago
max b972f5400d fix warnings 10 years ago
max f1cc160cab add new complex symbol rx mode 10 years ago
max f190b7fd6a tx fixes 10 years ago
max 49e53a33a6 change to use our fsk4 block 10 years ago
max dd97ccc977 fix bug in forecast (thx: Matt Mills) 10 years ago
max fb7b148454 app_rpt soundcard p25 tx 10 years ago
stevie f519374d7e Create patch for latest wireshark. 10 years ago
sidhayn 0e9a07c31a repeater build fix from stevie, tested by me 10 years ago
max a021fc284d fix self.msgq typo bug 10 years ago
max a39f29ada8 fix gruel include error 10 years ago
stevie 459cb259d5 Fix Ubuntu build error caused by late include of stddef.h 10 years ago
stevie ef6da136de Fix some build problems. 11 years ago
stevie 47eb8b0a01 Clayton's patch for the legacy vocoder. 11 years ago
sidhayn da733ba270 This is the most critical fix I've been holding so I'm commiting. repeater/src/lib needs blocks/src/lib files to build so add to the includes 11 years ago
max 8e808c2167 add wng 11 years ago
max 5640f0e1a7 add tone detect option 11 years ago
max e567496a8a add tone detect block 11 years ago
max 47819eb19b add magsq_psd.py 11 years ago
stevie ec1c1cd252 Add patch for WireShark 1.6.5. 11 years ago
mossmann 92a60012ce p25craft.py: a command line utility for crafting P25 packets 11 years ago
max 59c5d9a37d editorial revisions 12 years ago
max 62c821bcb9 fix gain 12 years ago
max fe9b8a5bf1 correct copyright, other fixes 12 years ago
max 7d86e01d42 add fac,constellation,gl/nongl 12 years ago
max ad335ff1e6 add audio-if,wireshark,constellation with population,fixes 12 years ago
max 20fd5593ad remove dead code 12 years ago
max 4ad7a01be4 autoreset speed to 4800 for correlation 12 years ago
max e6c7400479 suppress freq entry in baseband mode 12 years ago
max fa9bb8035c scope.py initial release 12 years ago
stevie 70047875f7 Swap c4fm demod to use our version. 12 years ago
stevie fa7f464320 Resolving conflicts caused by name change. 12 years ago
stevie da6ffc8343 Rename 'decoder' to 'blocks'. 12 years ago
matt f76f2bc712 Fix Makefile and op25_tx Python calls 12 years ago
matt 057b183bb6 Fix makefile 12 years ago
stevie 221893dc67 Fix rate bug. 12 years ago
stevie f30f999e1f Avoid optimizations that confuse debugger. 12 years ago