TCO needs to know the PID of the user to deliver incoming BEGIN

If TCO detects an incoming BEGIN, it starts tcap_transaction_sup
which in turn start dha_fsm and ism_fsm, who both need to know
to whom to send the new components

We nw send those to the Pid that was set by the user using
gen_server:call(TCOpid, set_usap).  This is most likely not the right
approach, as most apps will probably want to create a new process for
each dialogue.  Needs improvement later.
Harald Welte 10 years ago
parent db99b66859
commit ce41e7f2a9
  1. 14

@ -183,7 +183,7 @@ behaviour_info(Other) ->
-record(state, {supervisor, module, ext_state}).
-record(state, {supervisor, module, ext_state, usap}).
%% The gen_server call backs
@ -210,10 +210,12 @@ init([Sup, Module, Args]) when is_list(Args) ->
%% @hidden
% assign a new dialogue ID
handle_call(dialogueID, From, State) ->
handle_call(dialogueID, _FromRef, State) ->
{reply, new_tid(), State};
handle_call(set_usap, {From, Ref}, State) ->
{reply, ok, State#state{usap = From}};
% shutdown the server
handle_call(stop, _From, State) ->
handle_call(stop, _FromRef, State) ->
{stop, shutdown, ok, State};
handle_call({local_new_trans, OTID}, {Usap, Ref}, State) ->
% Create a Transaction State Machine (TSM)
@ -649,14 +651,16 @@ get_start(dialogue, DialogueID, State) ->
get_start(in_transaction, TransactionID, State) ->
Module = State#state.module,
Usap = State#state.usap,
case erlang:function_exported(Module, start_transaction, 1) of
true ->
Module:start_transaction(TransactionID, State#state.ext_state);
false ->
SendFun = fun(P) -> Module:send_primitive(P, State#state.ext_state) end,
StartDHA = get_start(dialogue, TransactionID, State),
StartArgs = [TransactionID, SendFun, StartDHA],
{gen_fsm, start_link, [tcap_tsm_fsm, StartArgs, []]}
% FIXME: use StartDHA and pass it into transaction_sup->tsm_fsm
StartArgs = [SendFun, Usap, TransactionID, self()],
{supervisor, start_link, [tcap_transaction_sup, StartArgs]}
get_start(out_transaction, [TransactionID, Usap], State) when is_record(State, state) ->
#state{module = Module, supervisor = Sup} = State,