Atmel AT91lib based repo with sam3u testing code
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Harald Welte d85f07f25c add (broken) isochronous support... 11 years ago
basic-ssc-i2s-wm8731-project import basic-ssc-i2s-wm8731-project from at91sam3-ek 11 years ago
external_libs add symlink to reduce required makefile modifications for include path 11 years ago
usb-benchmark-project add (broken) isochronous support... 11 years ago
usb-device-audio-looprec-project add audio looprec project ported for sam3u-ek 11 years ago
usb-device-audio-speaker-project initial checkin of usb-device-audio-speaker-project for sam3u-ek 11 years ago
usb-device-massstorage-project import usb-device-mass-storage project 11 years ago
usb-dfu-experiment DFU: use g_dfu instead of dfu 11 years ago
usb-fast-audio-source fast-audio: embed DFU RT IF / FUNC descriptors 11 years ago
.gitignore add gitignore 11 years ago