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Welcome to the OpenBTS source code.
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For additional information, refer to
These are the directories:
AsteriskConfig Asterisk configuration files for use with OpenBTS.
CommonLib Common-use libraries, mostly C++ wrappers for basic facilities.
Control Control-layer functions for the protocols of GSM 04.08 and SIP.
GSM The GSM stack.
SIP Components of the SIP state machines ued by the control layer.
SMS The SMS stack.
TRXManager The interface between the GSM stack and the radio.
Transceiver The software transceiver and specific installation tests.
apps OpenBTS application binaries.
doc Project documentation.
tests Test fixtures for subsets of OpenBTS components.
smqueue RFC-3428 store-and-forward server for SMS
By default, OpenBTS assumes the following UDP port assignments:
5060 -- Asterisk SIP interface
5061 -- local SIP softphone
5062 -- OpenBTS SIP interface
5063 -- smqueue SIP interface
5700-range -- OpenBTS-transceiver interface
These can be controlled in the configuration file, apps/OpenBTS.config.
Releases 2.5 and later include the smqueue SMS server. It is NOT part of the
normal GNU build process with the rest of OpenBTS. To build smqueue, go
into the smqueue directory and just type "make -f Makefile.standalone".
Release history:
Release Name SVN Reposiory SVN Rev Comments
1.0 (none) ?? completed L1, L2
1.1 Arnaudville GNU Radio r10019 (trunk)
1.2 Breaux Bridge GNU Radio r10088 (trunk) GNU Build, very early assignment
1.3 Carencro KSP r1 (trunk) first post-injunction release
1.4 Donaldsonville KSP r23 (trunk) fixed Ubuntu build error
1.5 Eunice KSP r39 (trunk) fixed L2 bugs related to segmentation
removed incomplete SMS directory
moved "abort" calls into L3 subclasses
1.6 New Iberia KSP r130 (trunk) import of all 2.2 improvements to non-SMS release
2.0 St. Francisville KSP r54 (smswork) SMS support
file-based configuration
2.1 Grand Coteau KSP r70 (smswork) DTMF support
fixed more Linux-related build errors
TLMessage constructor
expanded stack to prevent overflows in Linux
moved gSIPInterface to main app
fixed iterator bug in Pager
2.2 Houma KSP r122 (smswork) added LEGAL notice
removed Assert classes
stop paging on page response
fixed Pager-spin bug
fixed Transceiver spin bugs
fixed 2^32 microsecond rollover bug
reduced stack footprints in Transceiver
fixed SMS timestamps
check LAI before using TMSI in LUR
reduced memory requirement by 75%
removed PagerTest
fixed stale-transaction bug in paging handler
fixed USRP clock rollover bug
faster call connection
new USRPDevice design
2.3 Jean Lafitte KSP r190? (trunk) check for out-of-date RACH bursts
better TRX-GSM clock sync
formal logging system
command line interface
emergency call setup
2.4 Kinder KSP r208? (trunk) fixed BCCH neighbor list bug
support for neighbor lists
fixed support for non-local Asterisk servers
cleaner configuration management
more realtime control of BCCH parameters
proper rejection of Hold messages
fixed L3 hanging bug in MTDCheckBYE
2.4.1 Kinder KSP r462 fixed lots of valgrind errors
2.4.2 Kinder KSP r482 zero-length calling party number bug
g++ 4.4 #includes
2.5 Lacassine KSP r551 imported Joshua Lackey patches
SIP fixes from Anne Kwong
SIP fixes from testing with SMS server
L3 TI handling fixes
SMS server support
GNU Radio 3.2 compatibility
configurable max range and LU-reject cause
"page" & "testcall" CLI features
2.5.1 Lacassine KSP r595 fixed some build bugs for some Linux distros
2.5.2 Lacassine KSP r630 fixed channel assignment bug for Nokia DCT4+ handsets
2.5.3 Lacassine KSP r756 merged fix for transceiver startup crash
due to use of uninitialized variables (rev646)
merged fix for fusb bug from trunk (rev582)
2.5.4 Lacassine KSP r812 merged fixes to build under latest Fedora and
to build with git GnuRadio (rev814)
2.6 Mamou KSP r886 fixed infamous fusb bug (rev582)
fixed idle-filling table size bug
smoother uplink power control
load-limiting downlink power control
new "config" features (optional, static)
IMEI interrogation
fixed MOD "missing FIFO" bug
configurable short code features
fixed transceiver startup crash
due to use of uninitialized variables (rev646)
readline support is back
fixed timing advance bug (r844)
added CLI "chans" command
track time-of-use in TMSI table (r844)
added CLI "noise" command (r844)
added CLI "rxpower" command (r844)
added CLI "unconfig" command