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Alexander Huemer a2d4ed5c71 use AM_SILENT_RULES if available
M_SILENT_RULES improves readability of the messages emitted by make,
compiler warnings are easier to spot.

Available since automake-1.11, ignored on earlier versions.

Traditional verbose output can be forced by
"./configure --disable-silent-rules" or "make V=1"

Written-by: Alexander Huemer <>
Signed-off-by: Sylvain Munaut <>
2011-05-23 19:04:50 +02:00
Alexander Chemeris 80963d1ed9 common libs: Use gethostbyname2_r() instead of gethostbyname() if available.
gethostbyname() is not thread-safe. It's recommended to use gethostbyname_r() or gethostbyname2_r() instead.

(cherry picked from commit f27e9581cdb6837f83d0aab467f0e5f83e814e7b)
2010-12-21 18:11:14 +03:00
David A. Burgess fa179f74b7 Change license to AGPLv3. 2010-07-04 15:28:06 -07:00
David A. Burgess ecbaf97509 Initial import of OpenBTS 2.6 for a new public trunk. 2010-05-23 19:42:16 -07:00