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/ pcg729.sua
/ configuration file for sua setup
/ create SUA local instantation.
cr host:host_id=1,org_ip=,org_port=14001,ssn=5,streams=16;
/ create associations
cr assoc:assoc_id=1,init=true,host_id=1,dest_ip=,dest_port=14001;
/ create orgination pointcode
cr orgpc:host_id=1,pc=10;
/ create origination name
cr orgname:host_id=1,;
cr orggt:host_id=1,digits=10;
/ create destination pointcode
cr destpc:dest_id=1,pc=20;
cr destpc:dest_id=2,pc=30;
cr destpc:dest_id=3,pc=999;
/ create destination IP address
cr destip:dest_id=1,ip=;
cr destip:dest_id=2,ip=;
/ create destination name
cr destname:dname_id=1,;
cr destname:dname_id=2,digits=20;
cr destname:dname_id=3,digits=30;
/ create route
cr route:dest_id=1,assoc_id=1;
cr route:dest_id=2,assoc_id=1;
cr route:dest_id=3,assoc_id=1;
cr route:dname_id=1,assoc_id=1;
cr route:dname_id=2,assoc_id=1;
cr route:dname_id=3,assoc_id=1;
/ create asp