Small tool to generate ladder diagrams for network protocols. obsoleted by mscgen.
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title "Mobile Originated (MO) SMS accross layers"
ms-rl "MS SM-RL"
ms-cm "MS SM-CM"
ms-llc "MS SM-LLC"
net-llc "SGSN LLC"
net-cm "Network CM"
net-rl "Network RL"
ms-rl ms-cm "MNSMS-EST.req (RP-DATA)"
ms-cm ms-llc "LL-UNITDATA.req (TLLI, CP-DATA)"
ms-llc net-llc "LLC-UI (CP-DATA)"
net-llc net-cm "LL-UNITDATA.ind (TLLI, CP-DATA)"
net-cm net-rl "MNSMS-EST.ind (RP-DATA)"
net-cm net-llc "LL-UNITDATA.req (TLLI, CP-ACK)"
net-llc ms-llc "LLC-UI (CP-ACK)"
ms-llc ms-cm "LL-UNITDATA.ind (TLLI, CP-ACK)"
net-rl net-cm "MNSMS-DATA.req (RP-ACK)"
net-cm net-llc "LL-UNITDATA.req (TLLI, CP-DATA)"
net-llc ms-llc "LLC-UI (CP-DATA)"
ms-llc ms-cm "LL-UNITDATA.ind (TLLI, CP-DATA)"
ms-cm ms-rl "MNSMS-DATA.ind (RP-ACK)"
ms-cm ms-llc "LL-UNITDATA.req (TLLI, CP-ACK)"
ms-llc net-llc "LLC-UI (CP-ACK)"
net-llc net-cm "LL-UNITDATA.ind (TLLI, CP-ACK)"
ms-rl ms-cm "MNSMS-REL.req"
net-rl net-cm "MNSMS-REL.req"