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2011-10-07 19:22:40 +00:00
title "CAMEL: MT Call (t-CSI) example"
2011-10-07 18:38:27 +00:00
# define the entities in the system (in order)
a "A"
gmsc_ssf "GMSC/gsmSSF"
hlr "HLR"
vmsc "VMSC"
scf "gsmSCF"
# define the protocol messages in-order
a gmsc_ssf "ISUP IAM[MSISDN]"
gmsc_ssf hlr "MAP SRI[MSISDN]"
hlr vmsc "MAP PSI[IMSI]"
vmsc hlr "MAP PSI-Res"
hlr gmsc_ssf "MAP SRI-Res[T-CSI]"
gmsc_ssf scf "CAP IDP"
scf gmsc_ssf "CAP RRB, CUE"
gmsc_ssf hlr "MAP SRI[MSISDN]"
hlr vmsc "MAP PRN[IMSI]"
vmsc hlr "MAP PRN-Res[MSRN]"
hlr gmsc_ssf "MAP SRI-Res[MSRN]"
gmsc_ssf vmsc "ISUP IAM[MSRN]"
vmsc gmsc_ssf "ISUP ACM"
gmsc_ssf a "ISUP ACM"
vmsc gmsc_ssf "ISUP ANM"
gmsc_ssf a "ISUP ANM"
gmsc_ssf scf "CAP ERB[Answer]"
a gmsc_ssf "ISUP REL"
gmsc_ssf scf "CAP ERB[Disconnect]"
gmsc_ssf vmsc "ISUP REL"