DAHDI statistics prometheus exporter
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dahid2prometheus - a prometheus exporter for DAHDI

This is a small project in the go programming language, obtaining DAHDI statistic via the DAHDI_SPANSTAT ioctl() and exposing the data in prometheus exporter syntax over HTTP for prometheus to collect/scrape them.

It's almost my first go project, and I had the basics put together in about 30mins. Your mileage may vary!


Usage of dahdi2prometheus:
  -http string
        local HTTP listen host:port (default ":2113")

So you simply run the dahdi2prometheus somewhere and

  • tell it on which HTTP port to listen for prometheus to scrape
  • configure prometheus to actually scrape with a section as stated below
  - job_name: dahdi
      - targets: ['hostname:2113']


There's a sample grafana dashboard

sample grafana dashboard


All the real workhorse code behind this project is in the following upstream libraries I'm using:

This project is just gluing together the above two libraries.


I'm usually much more in favor of copyleft licenses, but given the two libraries I use are MIT and Apache 2.0, I decided to go for a permissive license in this project, too. So the code is released under Apache 2.0, see the COPYING file for details.