Local fork of Henryk Ploetz' smardcard shell
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import utils, TLV_utils
from iso_7816_4_card import *
import building_blocks
class CardOS_Card(ISO_7816_4_Card,building_blocks.Card_with_ls):
ATRS = [
("3bf2180002c10a31fe58c80874", None),
APDU_LIFECYCLE = C_APDU("\x00\xCA\x01\x83\x00")
APDU_PHASE_CONTROL = C_APDU("\x80\x10\x00\x00\x00")
APDU_LIST_X = C_APDU("\x80\x16\x01\x00\x00")
LS_L_SIZE_TAG = 0x80
(0x10, "operational"),
(0x20, "Administration"),
(0x23, "Personalization"),
(0x26, "Initialisation"),
(0x34, "Manufacturing"),
(0x3F, "Death"),
(0x29, "Erase in Progress"),
"6283": "File is deactivated",
"6300": "Authentication failed",
"6581": "EEPROM error, command aborted",
"6700": "LC invalid",
"6881": "Logical channel not supported",
"6981": "Command can not be used for file structure",
"6982": "Required access right not granted",
"6983": "BS object blocked",
"6984": "BS object has invalid format",
"6985": "No random number available",
"6986": "No current EF selected",
"6987": "Key object for SM not found",
"6988": "Key object used for SM has invalid format",
"6A80": "Invalid parameters in data field",
"6A81": "Function/mode not supported",
"6A82": "File not found",
"6A83": "Record/object not found",
"6A84": "Not enough memory in file / in file system available",
"6A85": "LC does not fit the TLV structure of the data field",
"6A86": "P1/P2 invalid",
"6A87": "LC does not fit P1/P2",
"6A88": "Object not found (GET DATA)",
"6C00": "LC does not fit the data to be sent (e.g. SM)",
"6D00": "INS invalid",
"6E00": "CLA invalid (Hi nibble)",
"6F00": "Technical error:\n + It was tried to create more than 254 records in a file\n + Package uses SDK version which is not compatible to API version\n + Package contains invalid statements (LOAD EXECUTABLE)",
"6F81": "File is invalidated because of checksum error (prop.)",
"6F82": "Not enough memory available in XRAM",
"6F83": "Transaction error (i.e. command must not be used in transaction)",
"6F84": "General protection fault (prop.)",
"6F85": "Internal failure of PK-API (e.g. wrong CCMS format)",
"6F86": "Key Object not found",
"6F87": "Chaining error",
"6FFF": "Internal assertion (invalid internal error)\n + This error is no runtime error, but an internal error which can occur because of a programming error only.",
"9000": "Command executed correctly",
"9001": "Command exectued correctly; EEPROM weakness detected (EEPROM written with second trial; the EEPROM area overwritten has a limited lifetime only)",
"9850": "Overflow using INCREASE / underflow using DECREASE"
} )
def list_x(self, x):
"Get a list of x objects, where x is one of 0 (DFs) or 1 (EFs) or 2 (DFs and EFs)"
## FIXME I just guessed this information
result = self.send_apdu(C_APDU(self.APDU_LIST_X, p1=x))
files = []
unpacked = TLV_utils.unpack(result.data)
for tag, length, value in unpacked:
if isinstance(value, list):
for tag, length, value in value:
if tag == 0x86:
if tag == 0x86:
return files
def cmd_listdirs(self):
"List DFs in current DF"
result = self.list_x(0)
print "DFs: " + ", ".join([utils.hexdump(a, short=True) for a in result])
def cmd_listfiles(self):
"List EFs in current DF"
result = self.list_x(1)
print "EFs: " + ", ".join([utils.hexdump(a, short=True) for a in result])
def cmd_lifecycle(self):
"Check the current lifecycle"
result = self.send_apdu(C_APDU(self.APDU_LIFECYCLE))
#status = binascii.b2a_hex(result.data)
if (int(binascii.b2a_hex(result.data), 16) == hex):
print "Satus: " + mes
def cmd_phase_control(self):
"change lifecycle between Administration and Operational"
result = self.send_apdu(C_APDU(self.APDU_PHASE_CONTROL))
"list_dirs": cmd_listdirs,
"list_files": cmd_listfiles,
"ls": building_blocks.Card_with_ls.cmd_list,
"check_lifecycle": cmd_lifecycle,
"phase_control": cmd_phase_control,