Local fork of Henryk Ploetz' smardcard shell
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"""Unit test for utils.py"""
import utils
import unittest
class APDUCase1Tests(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.a4 = utils.C_APDU("\x00\xa4\x00\x00")
def tearDown(self):
del self.a4
def testCreation(self):
self.assertEqual(0, self.a4.CLA)
self.assertEqual(0xa4, self.a4.INS)
self.assertEqual(0, self.a4.P1)
self.assertEqual(0, self.a4.P2)
def testRender(self):
self.assertEqual("\x00\xa4\x00\x00", self.a4.render())
def testCopy(self):
b0 = utils.C_APDU(self.a4, INS=0xb0)
self.assertEqual("\x00\xb0\x00\x00", b0.render())
def testAssign(self):
self.a4.p2 = 5
self.assertEqual(5, self.a4.P2)
self.assertEqual("\x00\xa4\x00\x05", self.a4.render())
def testCreateSequence(self):
a4_2 = utils.C_APDU(0, 0xa4, 0, 0)
self.assertEqual(self.a4.render(), a4_2.render())
class APDUChainTests(unittest.TestCase):
def testChain(self):
a = utils.R_APDU("abcd\x61\x04")
b = utils.R_APDU("efgh\x90\x00")
c = a.append(b)
self.assertEqual("abcdefgh\x90\x00", c.render())