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import sys, binascii, utils, random
from Crypto.Cipher import DES3
iv = '\x00' * 8
PADDING = '\x80' + '\x00' * 7
## *******************************************************************
## * Generic methods *
## *******************************************************************
def cipher(do_encrypt, cipherspec, key, data, iv = None):
"""Do a cryptographic operation.
operation = do_encrypt ? encrypt : decrypt,
cipherspec must be of the form "cipher-mode", or "cipher\""""
from Crypto.Cipher import DES3, DES, AES
cipherparts = cipherspec.split("-")
if len(cipherparts) > 2:
raise ValueError, 'cipherspec must be of the form "cipher-mode" or "cipher"'
elif len(cipherparts) == 1:
cipherparts[1] = "ecb"
c_class = locals().get(cipherparts[0].upper(), None)
if c_class is None:
raise ValueError, "Cipher '%s' not known, must be one of %s" % (cipherparts[0], ", ".join([e.lower() for e in dir() if e.isupper()]))
mode = getattr(c_class, "MODE_" + cipherparts[1].upper(), None)
if mode is None:
raise ValueError, "Mode '%s' not known, must be one of %s" % (cipherparts[1], ", ".join([e.split("_")[1].lower() for e in dir(c_class) if e.startswith("MODE_")]))
cipher = None
if iv is None:
cipher =, mode)
cipher =, mode, iv)
result = None
if do_encrypt:
result = cipher.encrypt(data)
result = cipher.decrypt(data)
del cipher
return result
def hash(hashspec, data):
"""Do a cryptographic hash operation.
hashspec must be of the form "cipher\""""
from Crypto.Hash import SHA, RIPEMD, MD2, MD4, MD5
if len(hashspec) != 3 and len(hashspec) != 6:
raise ValueError, 'hashspec must be one of SHA, RIPEMD, MD2, MD4, MD5'
h_class = locals().get(hashspec.upper(), None)
if h_class is None:
raise ValueError, "Hash '%s' not known, must be one of %s" % (hashspec, ", ".join([e.lower() for e in dir() if e.isupper()]))
hash =
result = hash.digest()
del hash
return result
def operation_on_string(string1, string2, op):
if len(string1) != len(string2):
raise ValueError, "string1 and string2 must be of equal length"
result = []
for i in range(len(string1)):
result.append( chr(op(ord(string1[i]),ord(string2[i]))) )
return "".join(result)
## *******************************************************************
## * Cyberflex specific methods *
## *******************************************************************
def verify_card_cryptogram(session_key, host_challenge,
card_challenge, card_cryptogram):
message = host_challenge + card_challenge
expected = calculate_MAC(session_key, message, iv)
print >>sys.stderr, "Original: %s" % binascii.b2a_hex(card_cryptogram)
print >>sys.stderr, "Expected: %s" % binascii.b2a_hex(expected)
return card_cryptogram == expected
def calculate_host_cryptogram(session_key, card_challenge,
message = card_challenge + host_challenge
return calculate_MAC(session_key, message, iv)
def calculate_MAC(session_key, message, iv):
print >>sys.stderr, "Doing MAC for: %s" % utils.hexdump(message, indent = 17)
cipher =, DES3.MODE_CBC, iv)
block_count = len(message) / cipher.block_size
for i in range(block_count):
last_block_length = len(message) % cipher.block_size
last_block = (message[len(message)-last_block_length:]+PADDING)[:cipher.block_size]
return cipher.encrypt( last_block )
def get_derivation_data(host_challenge, card_challenge):
return card_challenge[4:8] + host_challenge[:4] + \
card_challenge[:4] + host_challenge[4:8]
def get_session_key(auth_key, host_challenge, card_challenge):
cipher =, DES3.MODE_ECB)
return cipher.encrypt(get_derivation_data(host_challenge, card_challenge))
def generate_host_challenge():
return "".join([chr(random.randint(0,255)) for e in range(8)])
def andstring(string1, string2):
return operation_on_string(string1, string2, lambda a,b: a & b)
if __name__ == "__main__":
default_key = binascii.a2b_hex("404142434445464748494A4B4C4D4E4F")
host_chal = binascii.a2b_hex("".join("89 45 19 BF BC 1A 5B D8".split()))
card_chal = binascii.a2b_hex("".join("27 4D B7 EA CA 66 CE 44".split()))
card_crypto = binascii.a2b_hex("".join("8A D4 A9 2D 9B 6B 24 E0".split()))
session_key = get_session_key(default_key, host_chal, card_chal)
print "Session-Key: ", utils.hexdump(session_key)
print verify_card_cryptogram(session_key, host_chal, card_chal, card_crypto)
host_crypto = calculate_host_cryptogram(session_key, card_chal, host_chal)
print "Host-Crypto: ", utils.hexdump( host_crypto )
external_authenticate = binascii.a2b_hex("".join("84 82 01 00 10".split())) + host_crypto
print utils.hexdump(calculate_MAC(session_key, external_authenticate, iv))