Local fork of Henryk Ploetz' smardcard shell
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import smartcard, smartcard.CardRequest
except ImportError:
print >>sys.stderr, """Could not import smartcard module. Please install pyscard
from http://pyscard.sourceforge.net/
If you can't install pyscard and want to continue using
pycsc you'll need to downgrade to SVN revision 246.
class Smartcard_Reader(object):
def list_readers():
"Return a list of tuples: (reader name, implementing object)"
return []
def connect(self):
"Create a connection to this reader"
raise NotImplementedError, "Please implement in a sub-class"
def get_ATR(self):
"Get the ATR of the inserted card as a binary string"
raise NotImplementedError, "Please implement in a sub-class"
def transceive(self, data):
"Send a binary blob, receive a binary blob"
raise NotImplementedError, "Please implement in a sub-class"
def disconnect(self):
"Disconnect from the card and release all resources"
raise NotImplementedError, "Please implement in a sub-class"
class PCSC_Reader(Smartcard_Reader):
def __init__(self, reader):
self._reader = reader
self._name = str(reader)
self._cardservice = None
name = property(lambda self: self._name, None, None, "The human readable name of the reader")
def list_readers(cls):
return [ (str(r), cls(r)) for r in smartcard.System.readers() ]
list_readers = classmethod(list_readers)
def connect(self):
unpatched = False
printed = False
while True:
if not unpatched:
cardrequest = smartcard.CardRequest.CardRequest( readers=[self._reader], timeout=0.1 )
cardrequest = smartcard.CardRequest.CardRequest( readers=[self._reader], timeout=1 )
self._cardservice = cardrequest.waitforcard()
except TypeError:
unpatched = True
except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):
except smartcard.Exceptions.CardRequestException:
if sys.exc_info()[1].message.endswith("Command timeout."):
if not printed:
print "Please insert card ..."
printed = True
except smartcard.Exceptions.CardRequestTimeoutException:
if not printed:
print "Please insert card ..."
printed = True
except smartcard.Exceptions.NoCardException:
print "Card is mute or absent. Please retry."
def get_ATR(self):
return smartcard.util.toASCIIString(self._cardservice.connection.getATR())
def get_protocol(self):
hresult, reader, state, protocol, atr = smartcard.scard.SCardStatus( self._cardservice.connection.component.hcard )
return ((protocol == smartcard.scard.SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0) and (0,) or (1,))[0]
0: smartcard.scard.SCARD_PCI_T0,
1: smartcard.scard.SCARD_PCI_T1,
def transceive(self, data):
data_bytes = map(lambda x: ord(x), data)
data, sw1, sw2 = self._cardservice.connection.transmit(data_bytes, protocol=self.PROTOMAP[self.get_protocol()])
result_binary = map(lambda x: chr(x), data + [sw1,sw2])
return result_binary
def disconnect(self):
del self._cardservice
self._cardservice = None
def list_readers():
"Collect readers from all known drivers"
readers = PCSC_Reader.list_readers()
return readers
def connect_to(reader):
"Open the connection to a reader"
readerObject = None
readers = list_readers()
if isinstance(reader, int) or reader.isdigit():
reader = int(reader)
readerObject = readers[reader][1]
for i, name, obj in readers:
if str(name).startswith(reader):
readerObject = obj
if readerObject is None:
readerObject = readers[0][1]
print "Using reader: %s" % readerObject.name
from utils import hexdump
print "ATR: %s" % hexdump(readerObject.get_ATR(), short = True)
return readerObject
if __name__ == "__main__":