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strongSwan - Development
Git repository
For interested developers, we have a public repository. To check out and compile
the code, you need the following tools:
- Git
- a recent GNU C compiler (>= 3.x)
- automake
- autoconf
- libtool
- pkg-config
- gettext
- perl
- python
- lex/flex
- yacc/bison
- gperf
- lcov/genhtml
- Doxygen
To check out the master branch, use:
git clone git://
or using HTTP:
git clone
After a successful check out, give the autotools a try:
cd strongswan/
Then you're in, start the build as usual:
./configure [options]
make install
API documentation
Charon and libstrongswan contain inline code documentation. These comments can
be extracted using doxygen. It is built using 'make apidoc', which creates an
'apidoc' folder containing the HTML files.
strongSwan wiki
A wiki for users and developers, including ticket system and source browser
is available at