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Please refer to the [developer documentation](
on our wiki for details regarding **code style** and [**contribution requirements**](

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A summary of changes is available in the NEWS file. For a more
detailed Changelog, use the repository (see HACKING) or the
online interface available at
detailed Changelog, refer to the completed versions on the project's roadmap
( or use the Git
repository (see HACKING) or its web interface available at

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@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ To check out the master branch, use:
or using HTTP:
git clone
git clone
After a successful check out, give the autotools a try:
@ -58,5 +58,5 @@ strongSwan wiki
A wiki for users and developers, including ticket system and source browser
is available at

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@ -1081,7 +1081,7 @@ strongswan-5.0.3
charon-tkm does not result in the compromise of cryptographic keys.
The extracted functionality has been implemented from scratch in a minimal TCB
(trusted computing base) in the Ada programming language. Further information
can be found at
can be found at
@ -1219,7 +1219,7 @@ strongswan-5.0.0
pluto, but currently does not support AH or bundled AH+ESP SAs. Beside
RSA/ECDSA, PSK and XAuth, charon also supports the Hybrid authentication
mode. Information for interoperability and migration is available at
- Charon's bus_t has been refactored so that loggers and other listeners are
now handled separately. The single lock was previously cause for deadlocks
@ -1650,7 +1650,7 @@ strongswan-4.4.0
- The IKEv2 High Availability plugin has been integrated. It provides
load sharing and failover capabilities in a cluster of currently two nodes,
based on an extend ClusterIP kernel module. More information is available at
The development of the High Availability functionality was sponsored by
secunet Security Networks AG.
@ -2358,7 +2358,7 @@ strongswan-4.1.7
- Preview of strongSwan Manager, a web based configuration and monitoring
application. It uses a new XML control interface to query the IKEv2 daemon
- Experimental SQLite configuration backend which will provide the configuration
interface for strongSwan Manager in future releases.

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@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ which uses the modern [**vici**](src/libcharon/plugins/vici/ *Versatil
IKE Configuration Interface*. The deprecated **ipsec** command using the legacy
**stroke** configuration interface is described [**here**](
For more detailed information consult the man pages and
[**our wiki**](
[**our wiki**](
## Quickstart ##

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@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ This document is just a short introduction of the **ipsec** command which uses
the legacy **stroke** configuration interface. The current **swanctl** command
using the modern [**vici**](src/libcharon/plugins/vici/ *Versatile IKE
Configuration Interface* is described [**here**]( For more detailed
information consult the man pages and [**our wiki**](
information consult the man pages and [**our wiki**](
## Quickstart ##

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A roadmap of the strongSwan project is available online at: