added ECGDSA specific OIDs

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Martin Willi 2009-08-31 10:34:00 +02:00
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commit 8706a151ff
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@ -213,6 +213,45 @@
0x02 "rsaSigWithripemd160"
0x03 "rsaSigWithripemd128"
0x04 "rsaSigWithripemd256"
0x02 "ecSign"
0x01 "ecSignWithsha1"
0x02 "ecSignWithripemd160"
0x03 "ecSignWithmd2"
0x04 "ecSignWithmd5"
0x05 "ttt-ecg"
0x01 "fieldType"
0x01 "characteristictwoField"
0x01 "basisType"
0x01 "ipBasis"
0x02 "keyType"
0x01 "ecgPublicKey" OID_ECGDSA_PUBKEY
0x03 "curve"
0x04 "signatures"
0x01 "ecgdsa-with-RIPEMD160" OID_ECGDSA_SIG_WITH_RIPEMD160
0x02 "ecgdsa-with-SHA1" OID_ECGDSA_SIG_WITH_SHA1
0x03 "ecgdsa-with-SHA224" OID_ECGDSA_SIG_WITH_SHA224
0x04 "ecgdsa-with-SHA256" OID_ECGDSA_SIG_WITH_SHA256
0x05 "ecgdsa-with-SHA384" OID_ECGDSA_SIG_WITH_SHA384
0x06 "ecgdsa-with-SHA512" OID_ECGDSA_SIG_WITH_SHA512
0x05 "module"
0x01 "1"
0x08 "ecStdCurvesAndGeneration"
0x01 "ellipticCurve"
0x01 "versionOne"
0x01 "brainpoolP160r1"
0x02 "brainpoolP160t1"
0x03 "brainpoolP192r1"
0x04 "brainpoolP192t1"
0x05 "brainpoolP224r1"
0x06 "brainpoolP224t1"
0x07 "brainpoolP256r1"
0x08 "brainpoolP256t1"
0x09 "brainpoolP320r1"
0x0A "brainpoolP320t1"
0x0B "brainpoolP384r1"
0x0C "brainpoolP384t1"
0x0D "brainpoolP512r1"
0x0E "brainpoolP512t1"
0x81 ""
0x04 "Certicom"
0x00 "curve"