Removed remaining pluto related configure options.

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Tobias Brunner 2012-06-13 11:33:32 +02:00
parent 25fb9d3f4a
commit 6d599fb964
1 changed files with 3 additions and 21 deletions

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@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ dnl =================================
ARG_WITH_SUBST([default-pkcs11], [/usr/lib/], [set the default PKCS11 library])
ARG_WITH_SUBST([random-device], [/dev/random], [set the device to read real random data from])
ARG_WITH_SUBST([urandom-device], [/dev/urandom], [set the device to read pseudo random data from])
ARG_WITH_SUBST([strongswan-conf], [${sysconfdir}/strongswan.conf], [set the strongswan.conf file location])
@ -52,12 +51,6 @@ ARG_WITH_SET([systemdsystemunitdir], [$systemdsystemunitdir_default], [directory
AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_SYSTEMD, [test -n "$systemdsystemunitdir" -a "x$systemdsystemunitdir" != xno])
AS_HELP_STRING([--with-xauth-module=lib],[set the path to the XAUTH module]),
AS_HELP_STRING([--with-user=user],[change user of the daemons to "user" after startup (default is "root").]),
@ -104,13 +97,11 @@ ARG_ENABL_SET([af-alg], [enable AF_ALG crypto interface to Linux Crypto
ARG_ENABL_SET([test-vectors], [enable plugin providing crypto test vectors.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([mysql], [enable MySQL database support. Requires libmysqlclient_r.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([sqlite], [enable SQLite database support. Requires libsqlite3.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([stroke], [disable charons stroke (pluto compatibility) configuration backend.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([stroke], [disable charons stroke configuration backend.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([medsrv], [enable mediation server web frontend and daemon plugin.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([medcli], [enable mediation client configuration database plugin.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([smp], [enable SMP configuration and control interface. Requires libxml.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([sql], [enable SQL database configuration backend.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([smartcard], [enable smartcard support.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([cisco-quirks], [enable support of Cisco VPN client.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([leak-detective], [enable malloc hooks to find memory leaks.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([lock-profiler], [enable lock/mutex profiling code.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([unit-tester], [enable unit tests on IKEv2 daemon startup.])
@ -152,21 +143,17 @@ ARG_ENABL_SET([kernel-pfkey], [enable the PF_KEY kernel interface.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([kernel-pfroute], [enable the PF_ROUTE kernel interface.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([kernel-klips], [enable the KLIPS kernel interface.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([socket-default], [disable default socket implementation for charon.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([socket-raw], [enable raw socket implementation of charon, enforced if pluto is enabled])
ARG_ENABL_SET([socket-raw], [enable raw socket implementation of charon])
ARG_ENABL_SET([socket-dynamic], [enable dynamic socket implementation for charon])
ARG_ENABL_SET([farp], [enable ARP faking plugin that responds to ARP requests to peers virtual IP])
ARG_ENABL_SET([nat-transport], [enable NAT traversal with IPsec transport mode in pluto.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([vendor-id], [disable the sending of the strongSwan vendor ID in pluto.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([xauth-vid], [disable the sending of the XAUTH vendor ID.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([dumm], [enable the DUMM UML test framework.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([fast], [enable libfast (FastCGI Application Server w/ templates.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([manager], [enable web management console (proof of concept).])
ARG_ENABL_SET([mediation], [enable IKEv2 Mediation Extension.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([integrity-test], [enable integrity testing of libstrongswan and plugins.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([load-warning], [disable the charon/pluto plugin load option warning in starter.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([load-warning], [disable the charon plugin load option warning in starter.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([ikev1], [disable IKEv1 protocol support in charon.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([ikev2], [disable IKEv2 protocol support in charon.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([xauth], [disable xauth plugin.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([charon], [disable the IKEv1/IKEv2 keying daemon charon.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([tools], [disable additional utilities (openac, scepclient and pki).])
ARG_DISBL_SET([scripts], [disable additional utilities (found in directory scripts).])
@ -1024,13 +1011,8 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_RESOLVE, test x$resolve = xtrue)
dnl other options
dnl =============
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_SMARTCARD, test x$smartcard = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_CISCO_QUIRKS, test x$cisco_quirks = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_LEAK_DETECTIVE, test x$leak_detective = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_LOCK_PROFILER, test x$lock_profiler = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_NAT_TRANSPORT, test x$nat_transport = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_VENDORID, test x$vendor_id = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_XAUTH_VID, test x$xauth_vid = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_DUMM, test x$dumm = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_FAST, test x$fast = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_MANAGER, test x$manager = xtrue)