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@ -100,21 +100,21 @@ ARG_ENABL_SET([leak-detective], [enable malloc hooks to find memory leaks.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([lock-profiler], [enable lock/mutex profiling code.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([unit-tests], [enable unit tests on IKEv2 daemon startup.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([load-tester], [enable load testing plugin for IKEv2 daemon.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-sim], [enable SIM authenication module for EAP.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-sim], [enable SIM authentication module for EAP.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-sim-file], [enable EAP-SIM backend based on a triplet file.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-simaka-sql], [enable EAP-SIM/AKA backend based on a triplet/quintuplet SQL database.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-simaka-pseudonym], [enable EAP-SIM/AKA pseudonym storage plugin.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-simaka-reauth], [enable EAP-SIM/AKA reauthentication data storage plugin.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-identity], [enable EAP module providing EAP-Identity helper.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-md5], [enable EAP MD5 (CHAP) authenication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-gtc], [enable PAM based EAP GTC authenication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-md5], [enable EAP MD5 (CHAP) authentication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-gtc], [enable PAM based EAP GTC authentication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-aka], [enable EAP AKA authentication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-aka-3gpp2], [enable EAP AKA backend implementing 3GPP2 algorithms in software. Requires libgmp.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-mschapv2], [enable EAP MS-CHAPv2 authenication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-tls], [enable EAP TLS authenication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-ttls], [enable EAP TTLS authenication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-mschapv2], [enable EAP MS-CHAPv2 authentication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-tls], [enable EAP TLS authentication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-ttls], [enable EAP TTLS authentication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-tnc], [enable EAP TNC trusted network connect module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-radius], [enable RADIUS proxy authenication module.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-radius], [enable RADIUS proxy authentication module.])
ARG_DISBL_SET([kernel-netlink], [disable the netlink kernel interface.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([kernel-pfkey], [enable the PF_KEY kernel interface.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([kernel-pfroute], [enable the PF_ROUTE kernel interface.])