Renamed option to enable unit tests as plugin is named unit-tester.

To correctly enable a plugin the names used in the ARG_ENABL_SET and
ADD_PLUGIN macros have to match (and they have, of course, to match the
plugin's name).
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Tobias Brunner 2011-05-24 19:28:54 +02:00
parent ee0fb2ab81
commit 617061072b
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ ARG_ENABL_SET([smartcard], [enable smartcard support.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([cisco-quirks], [enable support of Cisco VPN client.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([leak-detective], [enable malloc hooks to find memory leaks.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([lock-profiler], [enable lock/mutex profiling code.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([unit-tests], [enable unit tests on IKEv2 daemon startup.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([unit-tester], [enable unit tests on IKEv2 daemon startup.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([load-tester], [enable load testing plugin for IKEv2 daemon.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-sim], [enable SIM authentication module for EAP.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([eap-sim-file], [enable EAP-SIM backend based on a triplet file.])
@ -873,7 +873,7 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_SMP, test x$smp = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_SQL, test x$sql = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_UPDOWN, test x$updown = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_DHCP, test x$dhcp = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_UNIT_TESTS, test x$unit_tests = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_UNIT_TESTS, test x$unit_tester = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_LOAD_TESTER, test x$load_tester = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_HA, test x$ha = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_WHITELIST, test x$whitelist = xtrue)