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strongSwan - Roadmap
strongSwan - TODO
These notes mostly belong to charon, the new IKEv2 daemon. The plan is to
migrate IKEv1 into charon. It's hard to say how much effort is needed to
do that, and how much code we can reuse from pluto. But a port IS necessary to
gain hassle-free configuration, version negotiation and maintainability.
This is a TODO list we should keep in mind. A roadmap of the strongSwan
project is available online at:
Dec ! - complete modular credential framework
A set of TODOs. This is only a list of things I write down to not forget them.
Watch out for TODOs in the code.
Build options
- Allow static build using libtool dlopen wrapper
Certificate support
- proper handling of multiple certificate payloads (import order)
- synchronized CRL fetcher
- Smartcard interface
- Attribute certificates
@ -43,7 +26,6 @@ Misc
libstrongswan stuff
- Header installation support (#include <strongswan/strongswan.h>?)
- move __constructor__/__destructor__ to a library init function
- object style for leak detective, include an API
- Cleanup/Refactor PEM/ASN1 stuff
- replace file reads through chunk_read