Adding an option to build libstrongswan and charon monolithically.

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Tobias Brunner 2010-03-01 16:16:55 +01:00
parent 9ce567f895
commit 3372ad144b
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@ -142,6 +142,7 @@ ARG_ENABL_SET([uci], [enable OpenWRT UCI configuration plugin.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([android], [enable Android specific plugin.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([nm], [enable NetworkManager plugin.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([vstr], [enforce using the Vstr string library to replace glibc-like printf hooks.])
ARG_ENABL_SET([monolithic], [build monolithic version of libstrongswan that includes all enabled plugins. Similarly, the plugins of charon are assembled in libcharon.])
dnl =========================
dnl set up compiler and flags
@ -840,6 +841,7 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_LIBSTRONGSWAN, test x$charon = xtrue -o x$pluto = xtrue -o x$
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_FILE_CONFIG, test x$pluto = xtrue -o x$stroke = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_VSTR, test x$vstr = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_SIMAKA, test x$simaka = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(MONOLITHIC, test x$monolithic = xtrue)
dnl ==============================
dnl set global definitions
@ -851,6 +853,10 @@ fi
if test x$capabilities = xlibcap; then
if test x$monolithic = xtrue; then
dnl ==============================
dnl build Makefiles