Fork of the doubango IMS client library, upstream at
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- "Alberto Panizzo" <alberto(AT)amarulasolutions(dot)com>
- "Alex Vishnev" <alex9134(AT)gmai(dot)com>
- "Giacomo Vacca" <Tiscali>
- "Laurent Etiemble" <laurent(dot)etiemble(AT)gmail(dot)com>
- "Mamadou Diop" <diopmamadou(AT)doubango(dot)org>
- "Marco Zoncu" <Tiscali>
- "Michael Siddi" <Tiscali>
- "Paolo Baire" <Tiscali>
- "Philippe Verney" <verney(dot)philippe(AT)gmail(dot)com>
- "Rich Hovey" <rich(AT)hovey(dot)org>