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Welcome to doubango project!

3GPP IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is the next generation network for delivering
IP multimedia services. IMS is standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).
IMS services could be used over any type of network, such as 3GPP LTE, GPRS, Wireless LAN, CDMA2000 or fixed line.

doubango is a mature, open source, 3GPP IMS/LTE framework for both embedded and desktop systems.
The framework is written in ANSI-C to ease portability and has been carefully designed to efficiently work on embedded systems with limited memory and low computing power and to be extremely portable.

Proof Of Concept

Client-side components
Boghe - SIP Video Client for Windows Phone 8 and Surface Pro
- IMS/RCS Client for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
IMSDroid SIP/IMS Client for Android
iDoubs SIP/IMS VideoPhone for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and MAC OS X
Server-side components
webrtc2sip Smart SIP and Media Gateway to connect WebRTC endpoints to any SIP-legacy network
telepresence the open source SIP TelePresence system with a porwerfull MCU
Flash2IMS Adobe® Flash® to SIP/IMS Gateway.

See also webrtc4all, sipML5 and click2dial components.


  • SIP (RFC 3261, 3GPP TS 24.229 Rel-9)
  • IMS-AKA (RFC 3310, 3GPP TS 33.203, 35.205, 35.206, 35.207, 35.208 and 35.909)
  • Private extension headers for 3GPP
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
  • UDP, TCP and TLS
  • Service-Route Discovery (RFC 3608)
  • Proxy-CSCF discovery using DHCPv4/v6 or/and DNS NAPTR
  • SigComp (RFC 3320, 3485, 4077, 4464, 4465, 4896, 5049, 5112 and 1951)
  • IPSec
  • Security Agreement (RFC 3329)
  • NAT Traversal (STUN, TURN and ICE)
  • Preconditions (RFC 3312, 4032 and 5027)
  • SMS over IP (3GPP TS 23.038, 24.040, 24.011, 24.341 and 24.451)
  • ENUM (RFC 3761)
  • The tel URI for Telephone Numbers (RFC 3966)
  • SIP SIMPLE (Presence Subscription/Publication and Pager Mode IM)
  • MMTel (UNI)
  • SDP (RFC 3264)
  • (S)RTP and (S)RTCP
  • (S)AVP, (S)AVP(F) and UDP/TLS/RTP/(S)AVP(F) profiles
  • DTLS-SRTP(RFC 5763 and 5764)
  • XCAP (RFC 4825)
  • MSRP (RFC 4975 and 5547)
  • Audio/Video (AMR, Speex, G.729, G.722, Opus, G.711, GSM, iLBC, VP8, H.264, H.263, Theora, MP4V-ES...)
  • Full HD (1080p) video
  • T.140: Text Over IP (
  • ...and many other features

The One Voice Profile (4G/LTE)

doubango supports both Voice and SMS over LTE as defined by the One Voice initiative.
For more information, please refer to Voice over IMS profile V1.0.0(2009-11).

3GPP LTE Architecture

Multimedia Telephony (MMTel)

  • MMTel Supplementary Services (3GPP TS 24.173, 24607, 24.608, 24.607, 24.604, 24.611, 24.610, 24.606, 24.615 and 24.605)
  • Supplementary Service Configuration(3GPP TS 24.623)
  • Ad-Hoc Multi Party Conference (3GPP TS 24.605)
  • Communication Waiting(3GPP TS 24.615)
  • Message Waiting Indication(3GPP TS 24.606 and RFC 3842)
  • Originating/Terminating Identification Restriction(3GPP TS 24.607/608)
  • Communication Diversion(3GPP TS 24.604)
  • Communication Barring(3GPP TS 24.611)


Please check our issue tracker or developer group if you have any problem.

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