Fork of the doubango IMS client library, upstream at
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The framework is dual licensed (GPL / commercial) and contains third-parties libraries compatible with commercial and closed-source applications.

The framework depends on:

Name Version License Dependency Comments
FFmpeg SVN r24652 GPL or LGPL optional The commercial version could be linked against the LGPL version as far as the FFmpeg's License Compliance Checklist is respected.
We recommend not using FFmpeg
iLBC 1.0 GIPS Public License optional
libgsm 1.0-pl13 BSD optional
libogg 1.1.4 BSD optional
libyuv SVN r321 BSD-style mandatory
libsrtp 1.4.2 BSD-based optional
libtheora 1.1.1 BSD optional
libvorbis 1.2.3 BSD optional
opencore-amr 0.1.2 Apache license 2.0 optional
openssl 0.9.8m Apache-style License optional
Ragel output 6.7 Doubango License mandatory No linking
SimpleXML 2.3.4 Apache License 2.0 mandatory Only on Android
swig output SVN r12023 Doubango License mandatory No linking
Speex 1.2 Revisited-BSD mandatory
WebRTC audio processing SVN r2512 BSD optional AEC, Noise suppression ...
x264 0.104 GPL optional Must be disbaled for commerical use