Alexander Couzens 14ce58cb1e epdg: fix UE to UE traffic
UE to UE traffic when both UE are connected via the same ePDG
couldn't send traffic to each other because of xfrm policies.
The firewall on the ePDG was catching this traffic because it tried to
shortcut without passing the P-GW.

Use fwmark for both directions and mark them also strongswan which
will configure it to the xfrm policies.

Related: OS#6435
2024-07-04 14:00:53 +02:00
authorized_keys add role authorized_keys 2024-02-08 17:06:31 +01:00
common/tasks common: install tcpdump 2024-06-24 18:02:16 +02:00
epc epc: use templates for hss/pcrf/smf freediameter configurations 2024-06-24 18:02:16 +02:00
epdg epdg: fix UE to UE traffic 2024-07-04 14:00:53 +02:00
ims ims: scscf: enable and require authentication 2024-06-24 18:02:16 +02:00
network add network configuration 2024-02-08 17:41:13 +01:00