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v4.5.0 2013.03.08
- GPONSW-1078: Unstable RSSI Mesasurement Results
+ add an additional average on top of the one shot 10 measurements
- GPONSW-1063: Disable P1_Delta and P0/P1 gain calibration by default
+ fixed issues with disabled gain calibration
- GPONSW-1035: Tx disturber sent during initial optic mode switch
v4.4.1 2012.12.12
- GPONSW-1019: Before a reboot, the 1.0 V DC/DC coefficients are set to their hardware
default values.
- GPONSW-1031: Debug feature BOSA TX and RX enable was not working.
Fixed for FALC-ON V1.3 only
- GPONSW-1042: Laser Tx needs to be safely shut off in state O7 (also if BERT is enabled)
+ switch on after leaving O7 (any state)
+ BERT activation no longer switches the laser on
+ Adapted status functions to report the correct tx_enable state (two conditions are now evaluated)
v4.4.0 2012.11.20
- GPONSW-1011: Avoid range check for first collected internal temperature values to
ensure valid measurement results
- GPONSW-998: automatic power levelling based on RSSI
+ With the new RSSI_autoleveling feature the internal power level is automatically
switched from PL0 to PL1 if a certain upper RSSI threshold power is exceeded,
and it is switched back to PL0 values, if the measured RSSI power is lower than
a lower RSSI threshold power.
- GPONSW-1004: Support of defined biasing below laser threshold in case of low attenuation
+ In case of low attenuation, P0 detection of OLT transceiver is critical.
The lower the P0 value the better, some Transceivers do not have Rx Power Squelch
and are more susceptible to high P0 levels than others.
+ On the other hand, the additional Jitter with modulating below threshold would be not
beneficial for high attenuation, since with high attenuation the detection is
noise limited.
+ It is recommended to use this additional Feature especially together with (automatic) Power Leveling
to increase the overall dynamic range.
- GPONSW-829: fixed APD breakdown voltage calibration reports inaccurate
voltage with low probability
+ Updated APD regulation algrithm
- GPONSW-961, GPONSW-899: Improve eye diagram symmetry for FALC-ON V1.3
- GPONSW-927: 'BIASLOWSAT_CTRL' is dependent on actual temperature now
- GPONSW-924: LDD Power Save truncates end of burst in extended burst length mode against ALU OLT
- GPONSW-910: bias and drive DAC currents for A22 corrected
- GPONSW-908: Selflearning can be disabled via goi_config parameter
+ In case of a learning threshold configured to be higher than the reset threshold,
the optic driver disables self-learning
- GPONSW-898: enable tx path before BERT activation if not already enabled
- GPONSW-868: Provide a function that can enable/disable the transmission
+ independent of which OMU/BOSA mode is selected
- GPONSW-747: RSSI1490 parabolic correction
v4.3.0 2012.08.10
- GPONSW-833: Introduce selection for extended serial number (SN) response
v4.2.0 2012.07.30
- Preparation for FALC-ON v1.3
- GPONSW-747: prepared RSSI1490 parabolic correction
- GPONSW-778: corrected inconsistent polarity of the modulation and bias current
on startup using now the goi_config values and on bert enable/disable
- GPONSW-777: wrong scale for modulation current with A21
- GPONSW-795: FCSI settings for A21 must be corrected
- GPONSW-802: Offset current for A2x Laserdriver
- GPONSW-805: RSSI power value wrong after boot up
- GPONSW-791: wrong sign of 'Dref0_PL0' in 'otop',
also applied for Dref_PL1 and monitor settings
v4.1.1 2012.06.22
- APD DCDC is always reliable at 40V
- GPONSW-755: [BBF] Reboot during test
v4.1.0 2012.06.15
- GPONSW-686: Calculation of dark current compensation and leakage currents
in RSSI 1490 differential mode
- Code cleanup done
v4.0.4 2012.06.04
- corrected APD DCDC voltage status if DCDC is disabled
- moved FCSI settings from goi_config to internal constants now
- fixed wrong P1 offset
- prepared driver for using pmos, nmos settings for DCDC
configuration but not yet activated
- added bosa_int_coeff_get to optic API and CLI
- fixed Rogue ONU intraburst alarm
- deactivated accurate RSSI measurement since its affecting temperature measurement
- temperature measurement more stable now
v4.0.3 2012.05.08
- Added debug feature for measurement polling interval configuration
- GPONSW-635: Keep voice pll untouched an leave it up to the voice driver if any
- Corrected sign of RSSI1490 single ended measurement
- Fixed sign handling of RSSI1490 differential measurement
- LOS and OVL interrupt/status indication (otop and optic function)
- corrected MPD dark current reporting in uA now
v4.0.2 2012.04.27
in case of deactivated DCDC APD
- several bias/mod init cycles in routine dualloop before regulation process
to avoid "reset" bias/mod
- power save feature doesn't touch MPD gain_ctrl register
- optic_ll_mpd_level_search() -> optic_mpd_level_search() to cover level search
environment modulary
- DCDC Core voltage calculation optic_ll_dcdc_core_voltage_get() bugfix
(+ 0,0117 V)
- MPD level search starts in INTRABURST in case of active BERT
- dual loop internal setting is reset for optic mode change and reset
- differential RSSI 1490 measurement: special LOS/OVL threshold handling for
A12 and A21
- Plugging/Unplugging fiber sync problem fixed
- more weight to coarse DAC in level search
- repeatability of level search improved
- repeatability and accuracy of RX offset search improved
- gain correction is done only if offset correction is enabled
Note that a gain correction relies on the calibration current (100uA) for the
chosen power level.
i.e. gain correction is not done with calmlf 1 0 0 or calmlf 0 1 1.
- GPON-SW 548 fixed:
driver init not working: Start currents are not correctly
initialized after "ocalodi"
- Changed FIO_GOI_STATUS_GET to represent the main status, created new FIO_GOI_EXT_STATUS_GET
for extended statistics
- Removed unused hot plug event for state change per compile switch OPTIC_STATE_HOTPLUG_EVENT
v4.0.1 2012.02.29
- RSSI1490 current measurement uses absolute values of (current-offset)
- fine current values enhanced by parameter is_positive
- measurement frequency for mm calibration increased upto 20ms,
only 20 measurement values are collected for first average
- fix DEVIO _IOC defines
- dual loop calls offset_cancellation even without level search for correction
factor recalculation
- goi_config: TempMonitorThreshold_MPDcorrection changed to 3 K
- dual loop regulation "update criteria": average even measured in no-update
case, because counter forced "update" (to avoid long passive phases) will use
this average to check against reset threshold
- "--enable-remote-only-onu" configuration option added
- MPD calibration review, feature activated
- optc_control bugfix: cli command "optic" without parameter handled as
"optic help"
- TX Fifo size set to maximum in goi_config -> 508 bits
- dual loop learning cleanup (+ table update for each learned Ith/SE value)
- MM gain factor calibration bugfix (+activation: OPTIC_MM_GAIN_CORRECTION)
v4.0.0 2012.02.14
- cleanup in dual loop: reset of bias/mod for crossing reset threshold
- range check delay_tx_disable for A11, A12: delay_tx_disable cannot be < 28
- rx dac offset filter alligned with mpd level search filter
- goi_status_get() doesn't communicate via packed-structure-elements parameter
- FIO_CAL_CURRENT_OFFSET_GET IOCTL introduced + otop update
- powersave mode without BFD P0/P1 POWERSAVE_EN bit setting
(and active by default)
- RX offset manipulation supported by IOCTLs FIO_CAL_RX_OFFSET_SET/GET/FIND
- current_state introduced to simplify state get procedure
- DCDC APD update cleanup (no saturation update if VAPD wasn't updated)
- software reset clears mpd settings
- bugfix RSSI 1490 exclussive measurement (+timeout handling enhanced)
- TX data delay configured by default with 2
- dying gasp reaction: dcdc apd disabled
- goi_config: laser_enable_delay changed into 8 bits
- FCSI predriver check enabled, formula changed - max voltage = 2V
- goi_config: BD_loadn = BD_loadp = 0x1F, BD_bias_en = 0xF, BD_cm_load = 0x3
- P0/P1 level measurement sign regulation enhanced - coarse and fine dac never
use different signs
- P1 delta offset substraction not active in offset cancellation
- MPD saturation of fine level triggers coarse level adaptation
- Dual loop cleanup (stable criteria uses old and new averages)
- MPD level search doens't invert gain direction in case of active BERT
- MPD Offset cancellation started (and never changed) in INTRABURST mode,
if BERT us active (inactive BERT: INTERBURST and switch into INTRABURST,
if comperator doesn't react)
- MPD offset cancellation cleanup
- DCDC Core cleanup: CONF_TEST_ANA/DIG instead of CONF_TEST_ANA/DIG_NOAUTO used
- Dual loop updates Ibias/Imod for the very first entry (regular temperature)
- Dual loop update and stable criteria cleanup
v3.0.17 2011.12.20
- "--with-procfs" configuration option added
- FIO_BERT_CNT_RESET introduced to reset bert counters
- compile switch OPTIC_DYING_GASP_SHUTDOWN introduced, disables DCDC APD
- Fix state deadlock and fixed locked interrupt in repeating calibration
and thus fixed for kernel warning on /etc/optic/ config_all.
- BERT synchronize was always setting the sync bit but never toggled back.
Now corrected to just toggle the bit shortly
- hotplug table request deleted, state machine logic moved into worker thread
- optic_powerlevel_set/get() introduced and exported for calling
optic_bosa_powerlevel_set/get() with first device context
- optic_table_set differs between laserref_table update and init phase
- VAPD and saturation value are initialized for DCDC APD
(refering to configured temp_ref)
- DCDC APD PWM0 register init value changed from 0xFF into 0xF9, configuring
switching frequency to 250MHz/250 = 1MHz
- FIO_OPTIC_RECONFIG introduced to reset configs and tables and wait for updates
- Measurement: additional 300uA via FCSI is not working for A11, A12
v3.0.16 2011.12.06
- DCDC APD voltage_error -> regulation_error
SW ramp waits until regulation error is below 1V
- rework goi_init to optimize for boot up speed, fixes multiple hotplug
calls to it resulting in instable link on start-up
v3.0.15 2011.12.06
- avoid power measurement, MPD regulation and DC/DC APD Update in case of
initially not available temperature
- Speed up the temperature measurement by factor 10 if it is not yet available
- fix wrong voltage offset in RSSI 1490 measurement using command
cal_measure_rssi_1490_get for ocal (500 mV -> 0 V)
- update stable criteria in dual loop: cint dependent hardware checks have been
done before stable criteria can be measured
- bugfix new fusing format gaindrivedac interpretation
- configuration BFD_SATURATION with bias_max and mod_max (codeword format)
- coarse level find reduction by 5 (instead of 9) -> fine level ~100
(former ~180, sometimes ran into SATURATION)
- reset internal rogue detection to make the rogue alarms working. The config
can select between interburt, intraburst or both alarms, per default switched
off. If an alarm occurs the laser is switched off immediately
- remove annoying signal detect and los interrupt prints and make counters
available via procfs: cat /proc/driver/optic/status
- removed configuration of rogue detection thresholds and
introduced overcurrent thresholds in range configuration
v3.0.14 2011.11.22
- Die temperature formula used signed variables which lead to wrong
calculation of higher temperatures. Changed now to unsigned integers.
- Dual loop parameters changed (capture width=5, delay=4)
- activate offset cancelation for dual loop for temperature jumps
- Allow active BERT for MPD level search on P0
- Optimized MPD level find function with filter
v3.0.13 2011.11.12
- fix for dual loop parameter TX_DELAY to 6
- added configuration of rogue detection thresholds (rogue_bias_thr and
- added configure support for the debug tool event logger
- set chip dependend settings of max bias and and max modulation current
to 78 mA and 130 mA respectively
- reactivate bert self_sync by reset and set the bit again
v3.0.12 2011.11.10
- new dual loop configuration
v3.0.11 2011.10.28
- general ll cleanup (only direct register access located in optic_ll_~ files)
- ll functions p_ctrl cleanup: ll_mm, ll_mpd
- bugfix temperature calculation/measurement
- bugfix bias calculation: register -> current bias, bias_max used for scaling
- bugfix signed integer printout (otop)
- bugfix dual loop learning criteria (only if c_int is increased and
learn threshold exceeded)
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.10, 2011.10.21
- while offset cancellation, az_delay set temporarly to 3
- bugfix goi_status_get(): return code independent of PLL status
- startup cleanup for config/table free booting
- FIO_MM_1490_OPTICAL_POWER_GET introduced
- bugfix Offset Cancellation: P1 delta calibration uses level-search without
internal P1 delta offset subtraction (of old P1 delta value)
- ll functions p_ctrl cleanup: ll_fcsi, ll_tx, ll_rx, ll_gpio, ll_dcdc_apd,
ll_dcdc_core, ll_dcdc_ddr, ll_status, ll_int
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.9, 2011.10.14
- BFD.P0/P1_DUALLOOP init configuration changed (min_bits_p0=11
(goi_config: CID0))
- CDR/CDRLF configuration update (RX)
- bugfix FIO_BERT_MODE_SET cli call (command instead of indication)
- P1 delta offset subtracted from level directly (optic_ll_mpd_dac_cal()) and
added to P1 codeword in register writing (optic_ll_mpd_codeword_set())
no P1 delta influence in codeword calculation anymore ..
- bugfix in P1 delta offset correction (optic_ll_mpd_codeword_set(): delta sign)
- new BOSA Interrupt concept: recogniced interrupts switch corresponding
internal interrupt status flag on and disable irq; re-enable, if IRNICR is
set while internal interrupt status flag is off
- otop page for BOSA interrupts/alarms: "a"
- powersave mode configured at end of bosa_init
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.8, 2011.10.07
- TX.DATA_DELAY.EN_PMD_TX_PD initialized (no powerdown mode)
in optic_ll_tx_init()
- BFD.P0/P1_DUALLOOP init configuration changed (alarm=0x20, min_az=15,
min_det_bits=3, min_bits=8 (goi_config: CID), capture_width=3,
capture_delay=2, az_delay=0, ib_check=0)
- TX.DATA_DELAY init configuration update (data_delay=2, intrinsic_delay=0)
- switch between different CID settings (for calibration, Interburst,
Intraburst, dual loop) isn't necessary anymore and was skipped in
- comfort function for easy bert configuration: FIO_BERT_MODE_SET
- FIO_CAL_DEBUG_ENABLE/DISABLE updates TIA offset (powerlevel dependent or
debug specific values)
- goi_config enhanced by Polarity_Rx, Polarity_Bias, Polarity_Mod
struct optic_goi_cfg enhanced by rx_polarity_regular, bias_polarity_regular,
mod_polarity_regular, influence RX.DATA_LO.DATA_LO_INVERSE,
TX.DATAPATH.DATA_INV, TX.BIASPATH.BIAS_INV + otop, control application update
- otop enhanced by MPD gain correction factor
- fusing interpretation update: offset in 2-complement
- Copyright 2011 update
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.7, 2011.09.30
- update init configuration of BFD.P0_DUAL_LOOP, BFD.P1_DUAL_LOOP to reduce
offset/gain calibration differences between inter/intraburst
- rx offset correction only at first BOSA activation, added to otop
- special MPD Offset cancellation configuration deactivated
- Rogue ONT support (Rogue ONT irq disabled during MPD offset cancellation)
- optic_ll_mpd_gainctrl_set()/optic_ll_mpd_tia_offset_set() cleanup:
powerlevel <-> gainbank
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.6, 2011.09.23
- new fuse concept supported (detection and interpretation change)
changes for tempmm, gaindrivedac, gainbiasdac, tbgp
offset/gainddrdcdc not fused anymore but instead offset/gain1v0dcdc
- DCDC core voltage setting/calculation with fusing information
- bugfix in DCDC DDR voltage calculation
- bugfix for reading temperature tables with invalid lines (like blanks)
- prepare flexible bias/mod max value (will be detected via fusing flag)
- otop WHAT string added
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.5, 2011.09.19
- MPD offset cancellation use special configuration (COMPARE_METHOD=1,
- MPD calibration parameter optimization: gain = "0" for powerlevel 0
- DCDC APD change criteria (>2 digits difference) update
- tia_gain -> tia_gain_selector
- rssi_1550_scal_ref,rf_1550_scal_ref added to struct optic_mm_config and
struct optic_config_measurement + configuration transfer, otop enhancement
- meas_power_1550_rssi, meas_power_1550_rf added to struct optic_status and
optic_calibrate, power calculation for RSSI 1550 and RF 1550, otop enhancement
- support of general correction factor tables, used for PTH, MPDresp, RSSI1490,
RSSI1550, RF1550 tables,
- power correction factor tables for RSSI 1490, RSSI 1550 and RF 1550 added
- temperature table name cleanup
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.4, 2011.09.01
- FIO_CAL_MPD_LEVEL_FIND enhancement: not requested level (P0/P1) returns
level=-1, COMPERATOR timeout error would be thrown via errorcode
- dual loop stable criteria enhancement: if abias/amod is out of range
(stablethreshold_init) ibias/imod is reset
- RX offset correction introduced (only called at init phase) - only active
in BOSA mode, in OMU mode instead only AFE_CTRL enabled
- Added support for Optic configuration via options (with disabled CLI)
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.3, 2011.08.18
- BERT disabled explicitly in bert_init()
- bugfix changing tia offset (FIO_CAL_MPD_TIA_OFFSET_SET,
FIO_CAL_MPD_DBG_TIA_OFFSET_SET)-> update of MPD tia offset level
(not part of MPD level search anymore)
- P1 delta offset subtracted from P1 levels in optic_ll_mpd_dac_cal()
- digital codeword P0 P1 update after dcal/dcal_ref configuration
- MPD levels restored after level-search
- calibration current (GAIN_CTRL) is set before and is reset after level-search
(only calibration current! tia gain selector will not be reset)
- offset cancellation workaround: TX.BIASPATH burst = enable, GAIN_CTRL
cal_curent = close (0) - only for tia offset measurement to increase offset
accuracy; P1 delta offset is still measured with TX.BIASPATH burst = disable,
GAIN_CTRL cal_curent = open (1)
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.2, 2011.08.05
- bugfix level calculation in cal_mpd_level_find()
- cal_debug_enable doesn't take over tia gain selector and
MPD calibration current anymore
- bugfix FIO_BERT_CFG_SET IOCTL (base) number
- bugfix dual loop, learning (special case: only BIAS or MOD changed)
- bugfix changing MPD calibration current or tia offset selector
FIO_CAL_MPD_DBG_GAIN_SET, FIO_CAL_MPD_GAIN_SET) -> update of MPD gain control
register (not part of MPD level search anymore)
- dual loop resets integration coefficients to 0 if regulation gets unstable
- StableThreshold_Bias / StableThreshold_Mod interpreted in percent
- stablethreshold_init introduced to avoid regulation ="stable" detection
in case of far regulation at lower or upper edge
- bugfix regulation-update criteria
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.1, 2011.07.28
- gain control register keeps in powerlevel/debug mode dependent mode
- powersave feature enhanced by TX, MPD.GAIN_CTRL, FCSI#7 configuration
- long term drift (goi_table_laser_ref.csv <-> goi_table_laser_ref_base.csv)
module tested
- bugfix in laser_ref table extrapolation
- control application laser table writing (+ base table) enhanced by
driver (laser table) update - new inter/extrapolation
- bugfix in control application interpolation routine
- bugfix parameter exchange for FIO_CAL_MEASURE_RSSI_1490_GET
GPON Optic Driver, version 3.0.0, 2011.07.07
- range check in optic_ll_dcdc_apd_voltage_get() inactive - no further warnings
about current low DCDC APD voltage
- optic_ll_mpd_cint_set() calculates automatically saturation
- optic_ll_mpd_loop_set() supports loop mode for P0 and P1 separatly
- optic_ll_mpd_level_search() reacts on BERT status for P0 level analysis
- update FCSI init settings (#18)
- measurement calibration (offset, correction factor) bugfix (trigger point)
- external temperature calculation correction (1200mV difference activated)
- proc filesystem enhanced by temperature history file ("temperatures")
- optic_ll_mpd_level_search() enhancement: automatic Intra->Interburst switch
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.14, 2011.06.16
- cal_mpd_tia_offset_find() bugfix: loopmode corrected in case of BOSA/
dual loop
- goi_config updated: TxDisableDelay = 28, TxFifoSize = 288 to fix IBL problem
predriver setting for power level 1 and 2 updated (identical to power level 0)
- bugfix cal_mpd_dbg_gain_get(), cal_mpd_dbg_cal_current_get():
don't return powerlevel dependent value if debug version == 0 (valid value!)
- DCDC APD init cleanup (DELAY_DEGLITCH = 0x07)
start with DIG_REF=0 and LATCH_CONTROL_NOAUTO = 0x21
activation of DCDC APD sets CONF_TEST_ANA_NOAUTO 0x78 -> 0x7 and
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.13, 2011.06.01
- bugfix cal_mpd_level_get(), level_select was ignored
- FIO_BOSA_INT_COEFF_GET introduced (-> otop, status)
- FIO_BOSA_STABLE_GET introduced (-> otop, status)
- digital codeword P0/P1 moved from otop monitor to otop status
- bugfix in stable criteria for BOSA dual loop abias/amod characterization
- goi_config update
- otop update
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.12, 2011.05.30
- BFD.GAIN_CTRL reset after each calculation to zero (in offset cancellation,
coarse/fine-ratio, mpd calibration)
- bosa loop mode (open loop / dual loop) configured via bosa_tx_config
(-> goi_config)
FIO_BOSA_LOOPMODE_SET/~_GET introduced for bosa loop mode configuration
- optic driver starts per default in OMU mode, loop mode (bosa) configured
per default in open-loop
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.11, 2011.05.25
- PLL calibration with power down via RESETCONTROL
- PLL module initialisation update: A_CTRL2, CURR_SEL_DIV2 = 5
- RX module CDR configuration don't touch VCO (CTRL3)
- new predriver settings, FCSI TXBOSA.CTRL = 0x81, TX.PI_CTRL = 0x404F
- FCSI predriver range check disabled temporarly!
- bugfix in optic_ll_fcsi_init, optic_ll_fcsi_init_bosa_2nd():
just "add" TXBOSA_CTRL_FFR
- bugfix in FCSI predriver writing into FCSI registers
(incorrect masking overwrotes setting)
- FCSI register #19 PI_CTRL for OMU and BOSA mode introduced
- DCDC APD deactivated implicitly in OMU mode (former mode change didn't touched
DCDC APD configuration)
- init bias/mod value never set to zero by driver (use 1 instead)
0 is a meta value used by hardware after DAC update
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.10, 2011.05.20
- RX.AFECTRL.OUTPUT_CM_SEL initialisation changed into 4
- reload timer for DCDC APD SW ramp reduced downto 10ms
- optic_mpd_config enhanced by ratio_coarse_fine, coarse fine ratio calculation
deactivated (compilerswitch OPTIC_MPD_COARSE_FINE_RATIO_CALC = INACTIVE)
- timestamp hotplug event triggered via worker thread, not directly anymore
- temperature alarms hidden (compilerswitch OPTIC_TEMPERATURE_ALARM = INACTIVE)
- TBGP value of ANALOG fuse register is ignored for FCSI reg 21 writing
(always 0 written into FSCI #21 TBGP field)
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.9, 2011.05.13
- new measurement cycle concept: 20ms measurement cycles, no buffer cycle
between reconfiguration of channels and reading measurement values anymore
- external temperature calculation change: no 1200mV difference anymore
- fusing information writing into FCSI register reactivated
- chip version detection (gain recalibration measurement active)
- RSSI 1490 power measurement mode introduced: FIO_CAL_MEASURE_RSSI_1490_GET
configures measurement block, waits for measured values and calculates all
measured values into power values
- klocworks cleanup
- drv_optic_api.h + struct optic_device shifted from include dir (interface)
into driver internal part (src dir)
- optic driver uses hotplug.d/gpon directory for hotplug event handler script
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.8, 2011.04.29
- temperature alarms provided via events: event OPTIC_FIFO_ALARM uses enum
optic_irq to describe alarm (OPTIC_IRQ_TEMPALARM_YELLOW_SET,
- next measurement cycle after channel configuration does not use read values
- scale factor for translation between Imod <-> Dmod powerlevel dependent
introduced as config parameter: struct optic_mpd_config enhanced
- otop update
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.7, 2011.04.15
- MPD initialisation update
- MPD calibration bugfix (P1 coarse/fine ratio calculation takes care, coarse
level could could be zero - fine level relevant for correction direction
- LTC pattern length range check added
thresholds set via config file, struct optic_goi_config enhanced
- otop update
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.6, 2011.04.12
- bugfix interrupt handling in BOSA mode
- change of predifined FCSI bias_en setting to pass plausibility check
- otop cleanup (BOSA2 printout)
- optic_ll_mpd_level_search() update: coarse level correction (-9),
loop starting with gain = +/-10 * 16 and run until gain = 0
- RX data FiFo security: LOS: RX_DATA_EN = 0, SIGDET: RX_DATA_EN = 1
- measurement module: gain correction factor calibration after measurement of
all 6 offsets, means each 7th measurement cycle (instead of each 2nd)
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.5, 2011.03.30
- otop enhanced by LDO status
- optic_bert_cfg parameter pattern type change: uint32_t -> uint8_t
- cli_misc (non automatic generated cli layer) introduced:
cli for goi_lts_cfg_set/get, bert_cfg_set/get not automatically generated
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.4, 2011.03.24
- DCDC DDR support: dcdc_ddr_cfg_set()/get(), dcdc_ddr_enable()/disable(),
dcdc_ddr_status_get(), cal_ddr_core_voltage_set()/get() implemented
- struct optic_dcdc_ddr_config used, DCDC DDR cinfiguration parameters in
- otop update for DCDC DDR parameters (config, range, status)
- FIO_CAL_FUSES_GET introduced for fusing register overview -> otop "f"
- optic_ll_fcsi_predriver_set() range/plausibility check
- struct optic_mpd_config enhanced by parameter powersave, configures
- LDO support: sys1 interface, FIO_LDO_ENABLE, FIO_LDO_DISABLE,
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.3, 2011.03.17
- OPTIC_BOSA_2 mode introduced, using OMU rx pins
- DCDC APD files generalized to support DCDC-APD,-DDR,-CORE interface
- DCDC CORE support: dcdc_core_cfg_set()/get(), dcdc_core_enable()/disable(),
dcdc_core_status_get(), cal_dcdc_core_voltage_set()/get() implemented
- struct optic_range_config enhanced by vcore_min/max and vddr_min/max
- struct optic_dcdc_core_config used, DCDC Core cinfiguration parameters in
- otop update for DCDC core parameters (config, range, status)
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.2, 2011.03.11
- bugfix reconfiguration LOL, overload tresholds in bosa_rx_config_set():
threshold current/voltage values are (re)calculated in bosa_init()
which have to been started via goi_init() after updating bosa configuration
- general cleanup enabling/disabling interrupts, order of reset, ctrl CONTEXT
initialisation, goi_init to support OMU <-> BOSA mode switches on the fly
- general cleanup in startup/init phase for OMU/BOSA mode and switching between
modes via optic_mode_set()
- bugfix for starting without dedicated mode, later call of optic_mode_set()
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.1, 2011.03.07
- BOSA / Int200 interrupts LOS, SD, OVL enable each other
- LOS and Overload thresholds calculated (power->current->voltage->
register value) and updated during temperature measurement cycle
- doublecheck INT200 interrupts (MM.M_RESULT_9 register against MM.ALARM_CFG)
if interrupt was not thrown correctly (sign error in M_RESULT interpretation)
interrupts are disabled until next measurement cycle
- omu_tx_disable()/enable(), omu_rx_disable()/enable(),
bosa_tx_disable()/enable(), bosa_rx_disable()/enable() use PLL.RESETCONTROL.
- measurement thread bugfix: active debug mode avoids ibias/imod update even in
BOSA/open-loop mode
GPON Optic Driver, version 2.0.0, 2011.03.01
- control application updates Laserref temperature table file (~.csv):
original file is read, updates requested from driver, both tables
merged and data are written to new file (" write_tables")
- otop printout cleanup
- calibration current selector enhanced by OPTIC_CAL_OFF
- optic_ll_tx_fifo_set/get() bugfix (16 bit enable/disable delay and
bit-interpretation); both functions are exported
- OMU/BOSA cleanup shifted to optic_ctrl_reset
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.2.0, 2011.02.25
- ext_att parameter deleted in goi_config, exchanged by r_diff[2]
- rssi_1490_dark_corr parameter added to goi_config for current_offset
- otop update: printout new config parameters
to configure RSSI 1490 dark correction factor
- in BOSA mode (only!) BIASPATH invert bit is not set
- control apllication merges table from csv file with requested updated table
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.1.5, 2011.02.23
- debug mode deactivates DCDC APD and (in openloop mode) IbiasImod Update
- maximum value check in Ibias/Imod calculation
- bugfix Vapd (error) printout in otop
- preparation to detect second call of optic_mode_set -> BOSA/OMU mode switch
table values directly. Ibias/Imod values are updated automatically
- bugfix otop printout Ith/SE
- RSSI1490 power measurement/calculation: single ended & differential
- goi_config enhanced by parameter to define RSSI 1490 measurement method
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.1.4, 2011.02.17
- cleanup voltage measurement
- bugfix in otop RSSI 1490 voltage/current printout
- bugfix in parameter cleaning for mm_cfg_get()
- BERT cleanup: bert_enable()
- add p0, p1, pth to struct goi_config for Ibias/Imod table calculation
- bugfix cal_dcdc_apd_voltage_set()
- 2.nd call of fcsi (bosa) init in BOSA mode (workaround for A1.1)
- Ibias/Imod calculation in driver (laserref + pth table transfered)
- otop cleanup: e.g. temperature tables, status shows precalc. ibias/imod
- bugfix in cal_*_table_get() functions: clearing param_out deletes param_in
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.1.3, 2011.02.11
- optic_isr_register() supports undefined p_ctrl handle
(called by other kernel moduls) -> isr registered for all control instances
configuration, cal_laserdelay_set()/cal_laserdelay_get() are exported
- optic_ll_bert_prbs_set() accepts all prbs selections
- TX.DATAPATH.BERT and TX.BIASPATH.BERT set via bert_enable()/bert_disable()
- cli register get "optic opticrg" returns hex values
- power measurements shiftet from dual loop routine to general measurement
cycle (if BOSA mode is active)
- open loop mode: only ibias/imod update is done regarding to ext. temperature
- slope efficiency added to ibias/imod table, read back via
FIO_BOSA_TX_STATUS_GET for calculating tx power
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.1.2, 2011.02.08
- requesting/freeing irqs a second time (optic_irq_set()) is ignored
- thread bugfix: reaction on pending signals
- bert counter reset in bert_enable()
- TX/DATAPATH and TX/BIASPATH configuration in bert_enable() and bert_disable()
(back to OMU or BOSA configuration)
- FIO_CAL_MM_ENABLE/FIO_CAL_MM_DISABLE to stop/restart measurement background
cycle (only active, if OPTIC_MM_MEASUREMENT_LOOP is activated)
- optic_config_omu struct enhanced by element laser_enable_single_ended
to define PLL.TOPCTRL.EXT_LASER_EN setting, read via config file
- FIO_OPTIC_ISR_REGISTER for registering ISR callback,
function optic_isr_register() is exported
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.1.1, 2011.01.28
- GPIO signal detect -> interrupt (OMU mode)
- OMU signal detect / loss of signal GPIO interrupt sets/releases CDR3 BPD bit
- compiler switch/define OPTIC_DEBUG works as main switch for all debug defines
- ignore BGP fusing information (at the moment!): FCSI.CBIAS.CTRL1 is not
updated with fusing information, read from STATUS.ANALOG
- bugfix in automatic gain selection (optic_ll_mm_voltage_get())
- FCSI writing checks via read and write second time, if needed
- TX DATPATH, BIASPATH: DATA_PRG_EN not set (disturbs PLOAM state 5)
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.1.0, 2011.01.25
- mpd level searching cleanup: mpd cancellation and coarse/fine ratio working
- fusing information handled
- measurement rework: new p/n junction concept,
initialisation of all measurement types, periodic measurement of 3x offsets,
3 voltages for internal temperature, 1 voltage for external temperature and 3
voltages for power measurement
- bugfix optic_float2int()
- VAPD start value configured via FIO_DCDC_APD_CFG_SET
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.10, 2011.01.21
- enum optic_edable -> enum optic_activation
- bosa initialisation cleanup
- ioctl table check taken over from onu driver
- "OMU" / "BOSA" mode printout
- mpd offset cancellation bringup
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.9, 2011.01.11
- remove optic mode dependency from module load and added the interface
FIO_OPTIC_MODE_SET, which must be called before any other configuration
- measurement module only read/calculate external temperature - without
any initial offset/gain-factor correction calibration
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.8, 2010.12.23
- rebuild measurement module:
initially parallel measurement of all channels for offset (all gains), gain
corrections (all gains), VDD, VBE1, VBE2, p/n-junction and 3 power voltages
periodic switch between parallel measurement of offset, VDD, VBE1, VBE2 and 3
power voltages - explicite measurement of gain correction (rotating gain
selector) - explicite measurement of p/n-junction - and offset/gain
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.7, 2010.12.17
- optic_exit() crash bugfixing: optic_context_free() cleaned
- no mm offset/gain corection recalibration: PLOAM state 5 accessable after ~10s
- mm init deactivated
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.6, 2010.12.08
- shift table files from etc/config/ to etc/optic to clean up etc/config dir
- delete omu_init(), bosa_init()
- delete mode param in goi_init()
- add insmod parameter to choice OMU or BOSA mode at load-time
- preinit (OMU/BOSA) mode sensitive
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.5, 2010.12.03
- bugfix optic_in_range() for address verification
- mm measurement concept redesign: parallel channels, measured all 100ms
gain/offset calibration is started for gain_selector 2 and done in parallel
all measurement types starts with configured number of measured values
to calculate an average value, later this value is updated via filter
- external temperature measurement bugfix & cleanup
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.4, 2010.11.25
- gain/offset calibration (optic_ll_mm_calibrate()) optimized to prepare one
channel while reading another one. MM channels 0 and 1 are used
- gain/offset calibration restructured: channel prepare + read cycles + channel
reset. Same sequence used for all measurements
- internal temperature measurement cleanup
- dual loop state machine completed
- interrupt handling skeletton
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.3, 2010.11.19
- initialisation adaptation, preinit, omu mode, printout options
- bugfix gpio request/interpretation
- bugfix optic_ll_mm_prepare()
- config parameters for BOSA dualloop introduced
- dual loop support: optic_ll_mpd_regulation_get(), optic_ll_mpd_stable_get()
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.2, 2010.11.12
- pre-init sequence for module load phase
- mpd_cfg_set/get() enhanced by cid settings
- bosa_tx_cfg_set/get() enhanced by learnthreshold_bias/mod and
updatethreshold_bias/mod for dual loop operation
- goi_init() cleanup: OMU/BOSA PLL initialisation shifted to the start
goi_init() is called by startup handshake (hotplug event, if all configs read)
- housekeeper / measure_thread enhancement: BOSA event for BOSA measurements
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.1, 2010.11.05
- goi_status_get() enhanced by imod, amod, ibias, abias
- BOSA module support: bosa_init() enhanced,
bosa_rx_cfg_set/get(), bosa_tx_cfg_set/get(), bosa_rx_enable/disable()
bosa_tx_enable/disable(), bosa_rx_status_get(), bosa_tx_status_get() added
- mm_cfg_set/get(): support RSSI1490shunt, RSSI1550vref, RF1550vref
- MM module: RSSI 1490 differential and single ended voltage/curent measurement
supported, RSSI 1550 and RF 1550 single ended voltage measurement supported
automatic gain calibration (only one correction of gain + new measurement
per cycle)
GPON Optic Driver, version 1.0.0, 2010.10.29
- DCDC APD module added (drv_optic_dcdc_apd_interface.h, drv_optic_dcdc_apd.c)
dcdc_apd_cfg_set/get(), dcdc_apd_enable/disable(), dcdc_apd_voltage_set/get(),
dcdc_apd_status_get() added
- dcdc_apd_voltage_set(): APD voltage is changed by 2V maximum,
if needed, in several steps using 10ms timer optic_timer_apd_adapt()
- APD duty cycle saturation added to VAPD temperature table (calculated via
application). In case of dcdc_apd_voltage_set() sat value is calculated via
interpolation between nearest vapd voltage entries
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.4.1, 2010.10.22
- CLI base command "vig" supported (instead of "vg") with additonal "type"
- BOSA module support: bosa_init(), bosa_powerlevel_set/get(),
bosa_dualloop_enable/disable(), bosa_dualloop_status_get()
- MPD module: mpd_trace_get() added
- typedef cleanup, register header files
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.4.0, 2010.10.20
- CLI bugfix (additional parameters were skipped)
- CLI command "vg" added (used by LantiqLab for initial handshake)
- CAL module renew: cal_mpd_dbg_gaincal_set/get() ->
cal_mpd_dbg_gain_set/get(), cal_mpd_dbg_cal_set/get()
cal_mpd_gaincal_set/get() -> cal_mpd_gain_set/get(), cal_mpd_cal_set/get()
cal_mpd_refcw_set/get() -> cal_mpd_ref_codeword_set/get()
cal_mpd_dbg_refcw_set/get() -> cal_mpd_dbg_ref_codeword_set/get()
cal_mpd_offset_set/get/find() -> cal_mpd_tia_offset_set/get/find()
cal_mpd_dbg_offset_set/get() -> cal_mpd_dbg_tia_offset_set/get()
- MPD calibration splitted for independent P0 / P1 calibration
(needed for cal_mpd_level_find())
- CAL module: cal_mpd_level_set/get/find(),
cal_mpd_cfratio_set/get/find(), cal_fcsi_predriver_set/get() added
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.3.6, 2010.10.08
- FCSI module support: fcsi_cfg_set/get() to init powerlevel specific fcsi
configuration: gvn, dd/bc_loadn, dd/bc_bias_en, dd/bc_loadp, dd/bc_cm_load
- CAL module: cal_debug_status_get(); status shown via otop
cal_mpd_gaincal_set/get(), cal_mpd_refcw_set/get(), cal_mpd_offset_set/get(),
cal_mpd_offset_find() added
- debug mode introduced: no powerlevel depending seetings are used but
debug setting (cal_debug_enable/disable())
cal_mpd_dbg_gaincal_set/get(), cal_mpd_dbg_refcw_set/get(),
cal_mpd_dbg_offset_set/get() added
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.3.5, 2010.10.01
- laser lifetime (base) is configured via goi_cfg_set() - read from file
- laser lifetime (base) doublechecked against ibias/imod table
(use highest timestamp instead of configured base, if timestamp > base)
- optic driver use hotplug event to update stored laser lifetime (base) in file
- CAL module: cal_debug_enable/disable(), cal_vapd_table_set/get()
cal_mpdcorr_table_set/get(), cal_tcorrext_table_set/get() added
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.3.4, 2010.09.30
- cleanup, deleting unused function description, skelettons, parameters
- mpd calibration in goi_init() shifted to bosa specific part: bosa_init()
- bert_status_get(): word_cnt and error_cnt added
- cal_ibiasimod_table_set/get(): read/written via temperature and powerlevel
definition; ibias/imod value + age timestamp read/written
- OCTRLG support: internal timestamp measured via OCTRLG.TXTCNT in seconds
- *_io_* files/routines renamed into *_ll_*
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.3.3, 2010.09.24
- range configuration separated: goi_range_def_set/get()
- calibration module: ibias/imod direct write/read
- mm_laser_temperature_get(), mm_die_temperature_get() supported
with 1K granularity
- APD DCDC support: optic_ll_apd_init() called by goi_init()
- temperature specific cycle count / age
- goi_table_get() supported by driver
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.3.2, 2010.09.17
- mm support: parameters used for external temperature measurement
- external temperature measurement (nominal), convert into corrected
- internal temperature (and external) calculated without bitshift [K]
- mpd calibration finalized: optic_ll_mpd_calibrate()
- loop mode setting separated: optic_ll_mpd_loop_set()
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.3.1, 2010.09.13
- offset cancellation done per gain bank, coarse/fine DAC ratio measured
via separated gain selector for global measurements
- calibration (100uA/1mA) defined in config file for each gain bank
- transfer / completion of temptrans table supported
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.3.0, 2010.09.10
- temperature tables rebuild: table_temperature_corr, table_temperature_nom
with separate min/max values, each processing routine differs between
- mm setting fix for internal temperature measurement
(separate channel for VDD, VBE1, VBE2 - no change needed)
- mpd cal setting is dependent of tia gain selector
- lol thresholds in omu configuration interpreted as % setting
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.7, 2010.09.07
- mpd_cfg_set/get() separated from goi_cfg_set/get()
- state change crosscheck: all tables read / all config modules set
- drv_optic_goi_api.h deleted: api overview covered by drv_optic_api.h
- transfer / completion of mpd_resp_corr table supported
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.6, 2010.09.03
- mpd support: dac calibration, offset cancellation,
mpd coarse/fine ratio measurement: optic_ll_mpd_ratio_measure()
- otop support for mpd calibrated settings (offset tia, P1; gain ratio P0, P1)
- cli cleanup (new style)
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.5, 2010.08.31
- DCDC_APD access: pseudo 8 bit register support
- style cleanup: lower case functions and variables (not completed)
- VAPD calculated by application and transfered to driver
- fuse correction for temperature and ibias/imod values: optic_fusecorrect_*()
- ibias/imod -> codewords translation: optic_ibiasimod_codeword()
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.4, 2010.08.20
- value type specific shift defines, gain correction becomes 32 bit
- extra-/interpolation of LaserRef table in application (instead of Ibias/Imod)
calculation of Ibias/Imod table bases of complete reference tables
- extrapolation bases on value type specific characteristic temperature/space,
if characteristic temperature cannot be calculated, initial value is used
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.3, 2010.08.17
- Pth and LaserRef table are handled in application, Ibias/Imod table
is calculated and transfered via GOI_TableSet/Get()
- Inter-/Extrapolation in application
- GOI_CfgSet/Get parameters nP0[], nP1[], nPthRef deleted
- style cleanup (first parts): typedefs, variable names, function names, tabs
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.2, 2010.08.09
- no *_StateSet/Get() CLI access : internal state gets part of GOI_StatusGet()
- default fuse values for fuse register == 0x0000 defined
- initialising FCSI.CBIAS with fuse information tgbp, vbgp, irefbgp
- management of several config and table states
- GOI_TableSet/Get() covers temperature table read/write (not GOI_CfgSet/Get())
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.1, 2010.08.06
- no direct GPIO access, gpio_drv will care about
- new naming for OMU block: GOI_Omu* -> OMU_*
- separated bert interface: drv_optic_bert_interface.h,
drv_optic_bert.c, own OPTIC_BERT_MAGIC and bertFunctionTable
- gtc-pma access (alternative target for bert configuration)
- BERT support: BERT_CfgSet/Get(), BERT_Enable/Disable()
BERT_Synchronize(), BERT_StatusGet()
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.2.0, 2010.08.03
- GPIO access in GOI_OmuCfgSet() for initialisation,
GOI_OmuRxStatusGet() and GOI_OmuTxStatusGet() for LOS, LOL, SD info
- temperature measurement / calculation
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.1.4, 2010.07.30
- OMU support: GOI_OmuInit(), GOI_OmuCfgSet/Get(), GOI_OmuRxEnable/Disable(),
GOI_OmuTxEnable/Disable(), GOI_OmuRxStatusGet(), GOI_OmuTxStatusGet()
- offset/gain calibration
- proc fs / optic_top support for offset/gain calibration table
- SYSTEM_SIMULATION support (vhdl model based simulation of optic hardware)
- register access via OPTIC_RegisterRead/Write() supported for
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.1.3, 2010.07.23
- optic_top supports GOI_CfgGet() and internal temperature tables
via proc fs (current status: Pth, LaserRef, IbiasImod)
- generic table parsing and lineary interpolation of values
- calculation of ibias/imod in temp table (from pth, laser_ref)
- OPTIC_FCSI_BFD_CTRL0_RESET changed: 33 Ohm input termination
(bfd_rterm_sel = 0x07)
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.1.2, 2010.07.14
- supports SYS_GPON module: activate clocks in GOI_Init()
- measurement thread, waked up by internal timer
- config table handling via control application
- interpolation of empty table values
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.1.1, 2010.07.09
- FCSI initialisation
- reading fuse registers in GOI_Init()
- config tables read via ioctl (GOI_CfgSet)
- drv_optic_ll_pll.c/h for internal pll routines
- separated omu interface: drv_optic_omu_interface.h,
drv_optic_omu.c, own OPTIC_OMU_MAGIC and omuFunctionTable
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.1.0, 2010.07.01
- opticFifo, nfcFifo, WorkerThread, control-deamon run
- hotplug msg -> etc/hotplug.d/gpon-optic/*
- 16 bit register support
- FCSI handling
- register access simulation
- devio timer simulation
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.0.2, 2010.06.01
- ONU -> OPTIC cleanup
- register header files integrated
- register access via OPTIC_RegisterRead/Write()
GPON Optic Driver, version 0.0.1, 2010.04.01
- skeleton reused from ONU driver