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v4.5.0 2013.03.08
- GPONSW-1144: OMCI: Counter read and reset
+ fixed the gpe_bridge_port_counter_threshold_get function
- GPONSW-1142: TBM Crawler default settings affected TBM function for
low packet arrival rates.
+ initialize TBM crawler period to 12 on A2x.
+ Change minimum meter rate to from 8 kB/s to 3 bytes/s
- GPONSW-1141: enable hardware support for OMCI downstream channel
- GPONSW-1122: Functions gpe_tagging_filter_set and gpe_ext_vlan_set have been
enhanced to clear those VLAN table/VLAN Rule Table entries which are located
behind the end of the list, but still within the same memory line.
- GPONSW-1102: Option to use only layer 2 for metering
+ SCE constant index=17 initialization added (default 0x0)
+ FIO_GPE_SCE_CONSTANTS_SET/GET ioctl extended with "meter_l2_only_enable" parameter
- GPONSW-1080: add global reset for PM counter
- GPONSW-1077: Bridge port counter reset function missing
+ added ioctls
+ make the counter 64bit
+ update CLI
- GPONSW-1071: The counter "Transmitted Frames per GEM Port" has
been made accessible and the reset mask has been fixed.
- GPONSW-1070: allow smaller TCONT allocation size
- GPONSW-1055: (related to GPONSYS-199) Exception in case of match with one of 8 Ethertypes
+ FIO_GPE_SCE_CONSTANTS_SET/GET ioctls parameter "ethertype_spec_tag" renamed to "unused0"
- GPONSW-1053: include MAC_PISR / EIM_ISR in EIM Dump
- GPONSW-1024, GPONSW-1050: Watchdog for traffic stucks
+ upstream stuck detection on TOOLONG bit in MAC (on A22 only)
+ downstream on TXFIFOFULL and EPFILLED
+ restart GPHY link upon US error rates based on SSD and MACERR
- Ploam message dump for enhanced debug information
+ add dump for ploam messages
+ add PLOAM downstream message simulation
- GPONSW-1007: Add missing Sync Time OMCI message handling
+ add sync time supervision
+ onu_sync_time_set() poll condition fixed
+ reset counters in FIO_ONU_SYNC_TIME_SET and start new 15-min interval
bug fix(es):
- GPONSW-1094: GTOP BridgePort counter are not mapped to correct counter address
+ gtop compile warnings fixed
- GPONSW-1091: Meter parameter calculation corrected, as the meter was not working properly
+ Change minimum meter rate to from 8 kB/s to 3 bytes/s
- GPONSW-1068: PHY egress loop and mac loop is not working if link is down.
+ The link status is now forced up by software and link state changes are ignored
as long the loop is switched on.
+ By forcing the link up, the link LED is also on.
+ Disabling the LAN port also resets and deactivates the loop
+ The loop is only working when the LAN port is enabled
- GPONSW-1056: LAN port disable now deactivates GPHY
- GPONSW-1041: Software image download failed
+ do not remove fragmented meta data from the Link FIFO
+ refacture the LINK access code to make it more robust
+ prepare for extended baseline support
+ fix the max buffer size
+ add more debug information
v4.4.1 2012.12.12
- GPONSW-1046: enable OMCI queue by default
The OMCI queue should be enabled by default in the FW Enqueue Table.
Reason: ALU OLT expects SSH channel on OMCI T-cont.
This channel operates via FW and IP Host and therefore needs FW enqueueing.
- GPONSW-1042: Laser Tx needs to be safely shut off in state O7 (also if BERT is enabled)
+ switch on after leaving O7 (any state)
- GPONSW-1041: Software image download failed
+ poll the Link interface longer to avoid fragmented meta data
- GPONSW-1040: PLOAM downstream message - Disable all upstream transmission
through Disable Serial Number
- GPONSW-1037: add BC / MC counter
- GPONSW-1033: The pseudo-random generator is systematically seeded in the same
way after boot up. If several boards boot up simultaneously and are connected
to the same OLT port, it can happen that the random delay of the serial number
response is identical for several boards.
+ replace pseudo random generator values by CPU count
+ this gives us better & faster randomized values
- GPONSW-1027: gtop: replace SCHEDULER by SBIN (scheduler block input)
- GPONSW-1018: FE4 mode doesn't work as expected
- GPONSW-1015: set GPHY in reset before downloading firmware
- GPONSW-1009, GPONSW-1030: Unused egress queues are cleared:
+ Protection has been added for TMU low-level access.
+ Protection has been added for OCTRLC operations.
+ A garbage collection function has been added to drain the remaining contents
from disabled queues, thus freeing up buffer space.
+ The ANI egress ports are not disabled in order to allow for garbage collection.
+ On the UNI side, queues are cleaned up before the egress port is disabled.
- GPONSW-911: Ingress Queue ppstream packet insertion into UNI Ports
bug fix(es):
- GPONSW-1013: Switching LAN modes did not always work as GPHY reboot did not complete.
This has now been fixed.
v4.4.0 2012.11.20
- remove ANI & LAN exception table, replaced by exception table
bug fix(es):
- GPONSW-1008: Disable LAN-side egress queues if not used
- GPONSW-1013: switching lan modes does not always work because GPHY reboot
not yet completed
- GPONSW-978: Exception packets handling adaptation to improved exception header format
+ exception header now consists of 8 instead of 4 bytes
+ received VLAN now included in exception header
+ facilitates IGMP handling
- GPONSW-969: Chip dependend GPHY firmware loading
+ Parse firmware version and don't load it on wrong device;
+ If there is no version information in FW image, load it anyway;
+ If there is no GPHY firmware in /lib/firmware/ or it has wrong version,
try to unconditionally (meaning, don't check version) load firmware from
/lib/firmware/a1x/ or /lib/firmware/a2x/ depending on device.
- GPONSW-1010: OMCI queue buffer reservation
+ add default reservation values for extended OMCI message size
- GPONSW-1009: Clear unused egress queues
+ add protection for tmu low level access
+ note: the read/modify/write routines still not thread safe
+ add protection for octrlc operations
+ add garbage collection thread
- GPONSW-1001: OMCI Tx channel is stuck after TCONT deassignment during traffic
+ remove only normal TCONT's
+ if a TCONT is used by OMCC just delete the REPN value
+ fix TCONT index range checks
- set default crawler period to 10
- set the IQM prescaler to 4
- change the default shaper values - fix the 6.2.13 test case with enabled upstream shaper
- remove OMCI CRC check, the OMCI stack should detect retransmission
- GPONSW-391: PLOAM Message reception for PON ID
+ fixed copy routine kernel to user space
+ fixed alignment of gtc_pon_id structure
+ fixed elements of structure ploam_dn_pon_i
+ update CLI
+ fix array size
- GPONSW-719: Traffic stuck after disabling shaper
Update default values for token bucket shaper
- GPONSW-839: configure exception meters
Add ANI exception meter (A2x)
- GPONSW-868: GTC upstream broken: sending shortened T-CONTS with random data
Instead of diabling the GTC TX framer disable the optical tx interface.
- GPONSW-864: still PLOAM state O1 after reception of two downstream frames.
Poll on regular base in state O1 the SYNC condition.
- GPONSW-865: PLOAM state O0 after power up without fiber
To ensure the safe transition from O0 to O1 state the timer T00 is added.
TO0 state is a dummy state to handle the requirement to start the PLOAM state
machine with state O1 or state O7.
Event was removed, but in this case the ploam_fsm() has to be triggered
- GPONSW-869: COP workaround for hash table full avoidanc
- GPONSW-886: GTC was upstream broken. This fix empties Rx TCONT FIFO before
going to PLOAM State O2
- GPONSW-888: Definitions for exceptions have been changed since FW version
to change priorities for DoS prevention
- GPONSW-895 bugtfix for hash deletion and FID treatment for TSE version 1 (a1x)
- GPONSW-897: gtop "GPE DS GEM port": decoding of exception_profile missing
- GPONSW-901: GMII clock activation
- GPONSW-920: Race condition between O6 and Offset re-calculation
- GPONSW-924: LDD Power Save truncates end of burst in extended burst length mode against ALU OLT
- GPONSW-930: FS4 image rebooted by watchdog
- GPONSW-934: gtop update
+ fix fsqm_rcnt dump
+ fix fsqm_llt dump
+ add marker for each page when dumping to a file
+ unification of page names
+ add "Meter Configuration" page (shortcut: t-e)
+ add Meter status as well
+ add GPE counter page
+ add ds_gem_meter_enable / ds_gem_meter_id
- GPONSW-954: fix AllocID 255 handling
delete the TCONT if it was configured before
- GPONSW-968: Do not set Tcont ID to 0xff at delete but set used = 0 and use the original id
+ speed up tcont deletion in octrlg
+ there is no more delay of 5 ms delay between GTC and octrlg deletion
- GPONSW-997: The order of parameters for ictrlg_gem_port_set() and get() and
octrlg_gem_port_set() has been fixed.
v4.3.0 2012.08.10
- update SCE interface to 4.43.0
- PIR/CIR range documentation added to struct gpe_meter_cfg
- GPONSW-842: upstream queues connected to T-CONT directly
+ add new ioctrl() FIO_GPE_TCONT_CREATE to create TCONT related scheduler
+ the related EPN is enabled as well
+ in case that the policy is 0 the policy 1 (strict policy) is forced
bug fix(es):
- GPONSW-173: Remote defect indication (RDI) Software Handling
+ introduce gtc_refresh_rdi() function to set the RDI upstream bit based
on the GTC_DSSTAT_1_SF information
+ remove gtc_clear_ind5() function
- GPONSW-694: FID programming
+ fix the ingress exception handling: use the correct IQM queue #8
for downstream forwarding
+ fixes BBF 6.3.1
+ remove obsolete SW_GPIX
- GPONSW-768: make sure to disable egress-port on link down
+ cleanup and align rxmii_phy_status_update
+ add lan_egress_port_enable() for simpler calling
- GPONSW-772: Token Bucket Configuration of Scheduler ME in Conflict with Priority Queues
+ disable all SBINs, use right masks for SBOT/SBIT
+ set default shaper values during create, the intention is that the shaper is passing all data
- GPONSW-820: ONU crash if CLI commands entered too early
only a subset of commands (ploam_init, gtc_init, gtc_serial_number_set/get,
gtc_cfg_set/get, gtc_power_saving_mode_set/get, lan_gphy_firmware_download,
onu_event_enable_set/get, onu_event_fifo) is now allowed to be
executed prior to GPE init
- GPONSW-833: Introduce selection for extended serial number (SN) response
the function goi_lts_trigger() has to be used now
- GPONSW-837: OMCI messages are dropped in case that TCID is repeated
consider the CRC instead of the TCID - this is more safe
- GPONSW-839: Configure exception meters
added debugging counter
v4.2.0 2012.07.12
- ioctl(s) modified:
+ FIO_GPE_EXT_VLAN_SET: max_vlans parameter added
+ FIO_GPE_ANI_EXCEPTION_CFG_SET/GET: exception_profile parameter replaced with
ds_exception_profile and us_exception_profile
- GPONSW-745: OMCI: Multicast VLAN handling
- GPONSW-762: PCP_DECODING_TABLE default setting
- GPONSW-768: Setting ONU Ethernet Mode from OLT
+ added FIO_LAN_PORT_CAPABILITY_CFG_SET/GET ioctls to allow PHY auto
negotiation capabilities configuration
+ marked EEE feature of FIO_LAN_PORT_CAPABILITY_CFG_SET as not supported
+ added support for lanpe/lanpd
- GPONSW-787: MIPS API ACL table write must be suppressed in A21, but it must
be supported on A12
- GPONSW-801: CLI/gtop: Table access to MAC_FILTER_TABLE
bug fix(es):
- GPONSYS-136: Reset the MAC on link up to avoid traffic stucks
- GPONSW-559: GTC debug support for allocation loss
+ added bits description to 'Loss of allocation'
+ added t-b page with BWM trace details
- GPONSW-625: fixed LAN_LOOP_CFG_SET loop setting.
Phy ingress wrongly set near end loop instead of far end loop. Besides
a new auto negotiated was needed to take the settings effect.
- GPONSW-735: AES encryption enable/disable
+ don't disable the encryption during gem port add called from OMCI network CTP
+ re-use the hardware settings instead
- GPONSW-748: lanpcs CLI-less command fixed
- GPONSW-758: wrong translation of GPE FW abort reason value to abort string
- GPONSW-766: OMCI - Downstream Priority Queue selection by GEM port
+ extending FIO_GPE_EGRESS_QUEUE_PATH_GET ioctrl to return internal configuration values
+ added debugging support for queue_selection_mode / egress_queue_offset fields
of DS GEM PORT table
- GPONSW-773: TMU inverse weight calculation in driver
- GPONSW-788: Range checks missing for gpe_egress_queue_cfg_set
- GPONSW-797: Meter mode GPE_METER_NONE not implemented
- GPONSW-811: Upstream traffic does not trigger Ethernet activity LED
- GPONSW-828: dump fsqm_rcnt from gtop not working
gtop: added printout when number of lines of dumped file exceeds supported
gtop: increased maximum supported lines number for proc files to 25000
(was 10000) to fit in FSQM RCNT
- GPONSW-830: ACL IPv4-SrcAddress filtering does not work
aligned param1_mask argument of FIO_GPE_ACL_TABLE_ENTRY_SET with
FW table (bitwise instead of nibble mask)
v4.1.2 2012.06.27
- GPONSYS-136: Fix downstream traffic stuck after configuring LAN port by
switching the egress port on only after the PHY link is established
v4.1.1 2012.06.22
bug fix(es):
- GPONSW-391: PLOAM Message reception for PON ID, fixed debugging output in onu tool
- GPONSW-757: gtop GPE short forward MAC mismatch in fields
- GPONSW-722: In some cases when switching a LAN port configuration via the driver
API FIO_LAN_PORT_CFG_SET while downstream and upstream traffic is running the
downstream traffic stuck and is was not possible to start it again even when
switching the LAN port off and on. This has been fixed.
- GPONSW-744: Include OFSQ in gtop dump
v4.1.0 2012.06.15
- ioctl(s) added:
- ioctl(s) modified:
+ FIO_GPE_METER_CFG_SET/GET: enable flag removed
+ FIO_GPE_CAPABILITY_GET: return the lowest available value for max_eth_uni
+ FIO_GPE_METER_CFG_SET/GET: discard_red parameter removed
+ FIO_GPE_SCE_CONSTANTS_SET/GET: max_mtu_size parameter removed
+ FIO_GPE_SCE_CONSTANTS_SET/GET: ani_exception_meter_id, ani_exception_enable and
disable_length_check parameters added
+ FIO_GPE_SHORT_FWD_IPV4_MC_PORT_MODIFY: key_code field removed
+ FIO_GPE_SHORT_FWD_MAC_MC_PORT_MODIFY: key_code field removed
- ioctl(s) removed:
- new command(s) added:
+ gpe_egress_port_enable
+ gpe_egress_port_disable
+ gpe_meter_create
+ gpe_meter_delete
+ gpe_debug_init
- command(s) removed:
+ gpetgcs/gpe_tmu_global_cfg_set
- GPONSW-626: Disable Egress Ports by default
- GPONSW-659: GPE initialization for FW debugging
- GPONSW-671: SGMII mode selection error check
- GPONSW-729: Remove ONU_GPE_METER_TABLE access
- GPONSW-736: Disable Ethernet length check in firmware
- Sanity checks added for the SCE Debugger IOCTLs
- file(s) removed:
+ drv_onu_ebu.h
bug fix(es):
- GPONSW-701: Ethernet LEDs different on ports 0/1 vs ports 2/3
- GPONSW-709: Do not remove the support of optional header for PE specific download of firmware
- GPONSW-731: Hierarchical scheduling traffic stuck
- GPONSW-732: tmu_token_bucket_shaper_link_get() fixed
- GPONSW-733: scheduler level tracking added, sanity checks added
- GPONSW-739: lan_port_cfg_get returns incorrect max_frame_size
- GPONSW-735: Allow to set AES encryption enable/disable in FIO_GPE_GEM_POPT_SET. It was always
forced to false
v4.0.3 2012.05.08
- ioctl() interface change:
+ move unaligned array to the end of the structure gpe_mac_mc_port
+ add FIO_GPE_SHORT_FWD_MAC_MC_PORT_MODIFY to add new port map entries
in case that the MC entry doesn't exist it will be added
- add gtop shortcut: CTRL-B / CTRL-V to toggle between excel and raw mode
bug fix(es):
- add MC entry with FIO_GPE_SHORT_FWD_MAC_MC_PORT_ADD, fix one_port_map_indicator
v4.0.2 2012.04.27
- new command(s) added:
+ gpe_short_fwd_mac_mc_port_add
+ gpe_short_fwd_mac_mc_port_delete
- ioctl(s) extended:
+ GTC_COUNTER_GET: allocations_total, allocations_lost added
+ GTC_ALARM_GET: loss_of_allocation added
+ FIO_GPE_LAN_EXCEPTION_CFG_SET/GET: sync handling with the latest firmware
+ FIO_GPE_ANI_EXCEPTION_CFG_SET/GET: sync handling with the latest firmware
+ FIO_GPE_INIT: num_pe field added to "struct gpe_init_data"
+ FIO_GPE_STATUS_GET: num_pe field added to "struct gpe_status"
- ioctl(s) added:
- new configuration option(s) added
+ --enable-remote-only-onu
- add link1 interrupt polling for ONU firmware
- GPONSW-559: GTC debug support for allocation loss
- move RPC handling to the GPON RPC
- onu: add gpe_tcont xml/json wrapper (for GPONSW-536)
- GPONSW-649: LAN port muiltiplex mode for single RGMII
- GPONSW-627: Make number of GPE PEs configurable
- GPONSW-653: Simplified FID handling
- GPONSW-646: Improve the GPHY slave training by disabling scaling down power
- MAC&FID forwarding:
+ DS GEM and LAN port tables initialization added
bug fix(es):
- fix DEVIO _IOC defines
- onu_gtc_ds_handle(): clear downstr_gtc_dsistat_1 with respect to
- fix wrong gtop counters with remote ONU
- GPONSW-559: GTC debug support for allocation loss
add 't-a' page for GTC alarms and 't-c' page for GTC counters
- GPONSW-558: API for adapting PLOAM O1/O2 timeout values
- GPONSW-576: No ping possible after change of MAC address
- GPONSW-584: MAC bridge port bridge table data ME returns Age=0
return Age=4095 when aging disabled
return Age=1 + <HW age> otherwise
- GPONSW-602: some PHY settings are only written directly and not updated after
"lan port disable/enable" sequence
- fix return of lan_phy_fe_loop_enable_set()
- lan_phy_mode_control_set(): really write "mode control register" for specific
settings of speed and duplex and fix definition and setting of relevant bits
- only allow real Lantiq-OID to identify Lantiq PHY, not 0xFFFFFC (from an inactive PHY)
- fix endianess issue in phy_oui_get()
- don't accept WOL settings for external PHYs
- FIO_GPE_TABLE_ENTRY_SEARCH ioctl mapping fixed
- GPONSW-497: add vlan information
fix XML/JSON table entries dump for indexes >=256
- GPONSW-620: lan_port_disable/enable could conflict with the backround status polling
- Fixed enabling of GPE meters
- GPONSW-637: Maximum frame size setting breaks link and does not work
v4.0.1 2012.02.10
- ioctl(s) removed:
- GPONSW-515: Add XML GEM port dump wrapper
- GPONSW-466: restore table id & instance when return with
- update SCE interface to 4.7.0
- update SCE interface to 4.12.1
- update SCE interface to 4.13.1
- GPONSW-476: don't print invalid (valid == 0) entries in JSON/XML wrappers
- Automatically convert xls to csv when update SCE with
- GPONSW-501: Decode the packet drop reason from the firmware status
- Integrated new PE mailbox sync mechanism via signals
- add link1 interrupt for OMCI message handling
bug fix(es):
- MAC Filter table init fixed
- Workaround for GPHY 1.4: fix "GPHY fails to train up with some link partners
in 1000BASE-T mode"
- send always the extended serial number pattern
- GPONSW-505: Laser shall be off during guard time
- rename api routines to match ioctls
- add endianness handling to GPE tables (not tested)
- onu_iocmd_local: don't print GPE_STATUS_NOT_AVAILABLE errors
- fix gtop segmentation fault on proc pages
- GPONSW-524: boot problem - kernel 3.1.10.
fixed early HW access in net_rx_enable()
- detect endian in drv_onu_gpe_tables.h
- fix alignment issues in struct gpe_table; remove __ALIGNED32__ (use union)
v3.0.9 2011.12.20
- Load gphy firmware in lower SBS0RAM (below bar0, no reconfiguration needed)
- gpe_lan_exception_cfg_set/get(): fix for "exception_meter_id" handling
- flush PLOAM FIFO when enter state 7
- don't send serial number PLOAM message in state 7
- send additional serial number message once in state 2 (upstream overhead)
and state 3 (assign ONU ID) (otherwise we're loosing the first bwmap request)
- Updated FWD TSE Micro Program to VERSION: 1.12 (changes from schafran)
- GPONSW-423: fix wrong address on 'onu scess'
- SCE: added lock for global group_serviced
- All unused LL functions placed under INCLUDE_UNUSED_LL_FUNCTIONS
- GPONSW-461: add doxygen header in; fix doxygen errors
bug fix(es):
- set correct instance for accessing ONU_GPE_METER_TABLE_ID
within gpe_meter_cfg_get/set().
- add more ioctl wrappers for configuration without CLI
- GPONSW-448: buffer_overflow mapping added.
- GPONSW-466: make key mandatory for COP tables in gpetg and return error from
gpe_table_entry_intresp when COP entry is not found
- clear structures on various xxx_get() routines
- GPONSW-466: make key mandatory for COP tables in gpetg and return error from
gpe_table_entry_intresp when COP entry is not found
v3.0.8 2011.11.22
- new ioctl(s) added:
- added extensions for "lct" network interface handling
- Local CPU MAC address handling added for FIO_GPE_SCE_CONSTANTS_GET/SET
- Snooping control added for FIO_GPE_EXCEPTION_QUEUE_CFG_GET/SET
- GPONSW-361: add new fuses format handling
- GPONSW-388: moved cop debugging under INCLUDE_COP_DEBUG,
removed obsolete PE FW simulation, fixed usage of onu_is_initialized,
moved many register access calls to the LL part,
moved sce_pe_table_entry_read/write to gpe_table.c
- GPONSW-402: fix gpe_status output
- gpe_tcont_set(): fix range check for pre_egress_port, 127 is disabled
- gpe_tcont_set(): add range check for reg_egress_port, 127 is disabled
- OMCI: use pre_egress_port for default OMCI data flow
- gtop: add REPN / PEPN values to the alloc-id overview
v3.0.7 2011.11.12
- Added configure support for the debug tool event logger
- Adaptations for FW >= 3.27.x with optimized packet mode switching and
removed SYNC bit
- GPONC-274: Limitation Inconsistency in the microcode of FWD COP
v3.0.6 2011.11.10
- GPONSW-361: remove drv_onu_resource_device_psbXXX.h from interface headers
- fix tof and ton return values on mu_low_power_idle_cfg_get
- CLI: add gpe_pe_table_get/set for specifying a pe instance for FW debugging
bug fix(es):
- GTC counters interval handling fixed
- UINT64_MAX, UINT32_MAX, UINT16_MAX definitions fixed
- GTC BIP counter handling fixed: counter accumulation once per BERR
interval added.
v3.0.5 2011.10.28
- GPONSW-338: fill PCP en/decoding with default configuration
- GPONSW-361: add GPE capability support
v3.0.4 2011.10.21
- Fix in arbiter for traffic stuck at 555 MHZ
- COP low level printouts deactivated
v3.0.3 2011.10.15
- new ioctl(s) added:
- check __GNUC__ to confirm C99 extension
- add valid (V) indication for EQT entries; filter empty lines in gtop
- GPONSW-310: add FW permeter page
- GPONSW-335: add gpe_port_index_get, fix gpe_egress_port_get
- GPONSW-334: remove use_tcont from gpe_scheduler_get/delete input structure
- GPONSW-337: add support for PHY-less LAN ports
- GPONSW-277: add preliminary egress queue, egress port, scheduler XML/JSON
bug fix(es):
- fix returned tod_nano_seconds from gpe_tod_sync_get
- TOD: fix ASC1 support & printouts; use 9600 baud rate for ASC1
v3.0.1 2011.08.31
- "struct gpe_lan_exception_cfg" extended
- "struct lan_port_cfg " extended with "lpi_enable"
- added support for ONU configuration via options (with disabled CLI)
- exception packets handling added
- "--with-procfs" configuration option added (enabled by default)
- "--with-sce-dbg" configuration option added (enabled by default)
- removed printk usage from scebp, scebc, scerp (implemented custom CLI
bug fix(es):
- gpe_lan_exception_cfg_set/get(): fixed table index
v3.0.0 2011.08.05
- corrected formulas for tmu_tbs_srm_conversion() and tmu_tbs_rate_conversion()
functions to avoid uint32_t range exceeding while value calculation
- changed interface from meter_set/get to meter_cfg_set/get
- added interface meter_status_get
- Fix in arbiter for traffic stuck at 555 MHZ
- OMCI dump includes message priorities
- reset the laser delay to a pre-defined value
- if at least one of the 4 lan ports is up - enable the host lan port
bug fix(es):
- GPONSW-243: wrong range check within gpe_token_bucket_shaper_create.
Range check fixed.
- ssb_data_read: fix handling for a spread pdu body
- fixed COP error code mapping
- GPONSW-243: wrong range check within gpe_token_bucket_shaper_create.
Range check fixed.
- fixed tmu_token_bucket_shaper_cfg_get. The parameters pir, pbs and cir,
cbs were written into the wrong registers of the TMU.
- fixed GTC register dump
- add BWmap dump
- if at least one of the 4 lan ports is up - enable the host lan port
- enable the netdev rx interrupt if the PLOAM5 is reached already in open function
- Ethernet Activity LEDs swapped, Activity LED blinking without cable plugged in.
Link state analysis added.
v2.0.1 2011.05.25
- command(s) extended:
+ lanpcs/lanpcg: max_frame_size added
- new even(s) added:
- Added a reboot and initialization of the TMU in gpe_init
- OCTRLG/ICTRLG counters handling fixed
- Common counters wrap-around handling fixed
- max_frame_size parameter added to "struct lan_port_cfg"
- corrected formulas for priority queue fields "Packet drop max_p"
- Aging process trigger added
- FIO_GPE_AGING_TIME_SET/GET calculations fixed
- struct gtc_status:gtc_ds_delay handling added
- multiple PE firmware binaries support added
v2.0.0 2011.04.15
- new command(s) added:
+ mmddr/mmddw
- new ioctl(s) added:
- WOL handling extended
- interface for the netdev driver reworked
- new configuration option(s) added
+ --with-lan-raw (to be removed in the FS2)
- Always calibrate tx buffer if gtc_tx_enable is done & during O6 - O5 state change
- Superfluous parameter to the command "onu gpetg".
"gpetg" CLI command handling improved, "data" field now is optional and will
be handled only in case of data_count!=0.
- Added a check for the seq_printf call to reprint the lines on the page
- Replace flood_map by uuc_flood_disable in bridge port table
- Auto-negotiation support added for RXMII modes
- "tmu_global_packets_max" field removed from the "struct gpe_shared_buffer_cfg"
- "tmu_egress_queue_table_init()" color settings fixed
v1.0.7 2011.02.25
- Improved COP loader
- fix for unresolved "uevent_sock" in kernel 2.6.35 and add broadcast_uevent for older kernel
- xMII port mapping changed
- add i/octrlg_table_dump
v1.0.6 2011.02.19
- new ioctl(s) added:
- new configuration option(s) added:
+ "with-cli-dump"/INCLUDE_CLI_DUMP_SUPPORT
- new file(s) added:
+ drv_onu_cli_dump.c
+ drv_onu_cli_dump.h
+ drv_onu_cli_dump_misc.c
+ drv_onu_cli_dump_misc.h
- ONU_EVENT_IOCTL_TRACE event handling added
- new command(s) added:
+ "gpeepg/gpe_egress_port_get"
+ "gpeepd/gpe_egress_port_delete"
+ "langfd/lan_gphy_firmware_download"
v1.0.5 2011.01.28
- new ioctl(s) added:
- new command(s) added:
+ "gpectes/gpe_cop_tracing_enable_set"
- check for modules initialization before accessing them, avoid early crash
of Ethernet driver
v1.0.4 2011.01.07
- new command(s) added:
+ "onuccs/onu_counters_cfg_set"
+ "onuccg/onu_counters_cfg_get"
- ioctl(s) implementation added:
- moved ploam initialization from module load to a new
mandatory interface FIO_PLOAM_INIT.
v1.0.3 2010.12.16
- ioctl(s) removed:
- new ioctl(s) added:
- TMU counters handling added
- VUNI EPN numbers fixed
v1.0.2 2010.11.30
- new file(s) added:
+ drv_onu_lan_api_intern.h
- implementation added:
+ mdio_enable()
+ mdio_disable()
+ lan_port_status_get()
+ lan_port_enable()
+ lan_port_disable()
v1.0.1 2010.11.22
- new ioctl(s) added:
- implementation added:
+ lan_cfg_set()
+ lan_cfg_get()
+ lan_port_cfg_set()
+ lan_port_cfg_get()
+ lan_loop_cfg_set()
+ lan_loop_cfg_get()
- new file(s) added:
+ drv_onu_reg_sxgmii.h
+ drv_onu_gpe_tables_interface.h
+ drv_onu_gpe_tables_api.h
v1.0.0 - 2010.10.29
- onuvg -> vig
- vig 'version' argument changed to 'onu_version'
- "nReturn" replaced globally to "errorcode"
- new command(s) added:
+ "gpellme"/"gpe_low_level_modules_enable"
- parameters renaming
+ "gpei"
+ "gpecs"/"gpecg"
- new parameters added for cmd(s):
+ "gpei"
- "gpeor"/"GPE_OMCI_Receive" removed
- Long commands names changed globally after automated renaming
- existing cmd(s) removed:
+ "gpesg"/"gpe_scheduler_get"
+ "gpeepg"/"gpe_egress_port_get"
- new ioctl(s) added:
- existing ioctl(s) removed:
- renaming:
- force state O0 in case of BWMAP trace trigger
- add token bucket meter
- LL modules activation sequence re-worked, CLKEN/ACT added
- source code re-factoring:
+ IQM module
+ SSB module
+ SYS module
- global renaming of SDMAx to ICTRLx, FDMAx to OCTRLx
- all function names changed to lower case
- refactored onu_top
- several klocwork fixes
- gpe_scheduler_add implementation added
- SCE debug interface implementation integrated from the "gpon-uboot" package
- gpe_egress_port_get() removed
- gpe_egress_port_cfg_get/set() extended
- Falcon SoC interrupt handling added
v0.5.2 - 2010.06.xx
- added TMU init routines
v0.5.1 - 2010.06.11
- implemented GTC_BwmtXXX functions
- GTC trace added
- fixed bDsFecEnable in GTC_StatusGet()
v0.5.0 - 2010.06.09
- RTL 2.1 / FPGA update
- ictrlc handling added