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" Vim syntax file
" Language: TTCN-3
" Maintainer: Stefan Karlsson <>
" Last Change: 18 September 2004
" This file is based on the ETSI standard ES201873-1 v2.2.1. Please let
" me know of any bugs or other problems you run across.
if version < 600
syn clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
if exists("g:ttcn_minlines")
exec "syn sync minlines=" . g:ttcn_minlines
syn sync fromstart
" Automatically define folds. You enable this feature with :let ttcn_fold=1.
if version >= 600 && exists("g:ttcn_fold") && g:ttcn_fold == 1
syn region ttcnFold start="{" end="}" transparent fold
" Built-in types
syn keyword ttcnType address anytype boolean char default float integer
syn keyword ttcnType objid verdicttype timer set record union
syn keyword ttcnType enumerated component port of
syn match ttcnType "\<\(char\|bit\|hex\|octet\)string\>"
syn match ttcnError "\<universal\>"
syn match ttcnType "\<universal\s\+char\(string\)\?\>"
" Type definitions
syn keyword ttcnTypDef type message procedure mixed
" Storage classes
syn keyword ttcnStore var const external
" Module, import and group stuff
syn keyword ttcnModule module modulepar group
syn match ttcnError "\<import\>"
syn match ttcnModule "\<import\s\+from\>"
" Attributes
syn keyword ttcnAttrib with display encode extension variant
" Operators
syn keyword ttcnOper mod rem not and or xor not4b and4b or4b xor4b
syn keyword ttcnOper complement pattern match valueof self mtc read
syn keyword ttcnOper activate create running system subset superset
syn keyword ttcnOper getverdict
syn match ttcnOper "[-+*/?]"
syn match ttcnOper "[<>]"
syn match ttcnError "="
syn match ttcnoper "[=!><]="
syn match ttcnOper "\(<[<@]\)\|\([>@]>\)"
syn match ttcnOper "&"
syn match ttcnError "&&\+"hs=s+1
syn match ttcnOper "\.\."
syn match ttcnError "\.\.\.\+"hs=s+2
" Statements
syn keyword ttcnCond if else
syn keyword ttcnRepeat for while do repeat
syn keyword ttcnStat log stop alt interleave deactivate connect
syn keyword ttcnStat disconnect map unmap start done send call reply
syn keyword ttcnStat receive trigger getcall getreply check clear
syn keyword ttcnStat timeout setverdict
syn keyword ttcnStat action execute return goto
syn keyword ttcnLabel label
syn keyword ttcnExcept raise catch
syn match ttcnstat "->"
syn match ttcnStat ":="
syn keyword ttcnContr control
syn match ttcnError "\<verdict.\(set\|get\)"
syn keyword ttcnStat function testcase signature noblock exception
syn keyword ttcnStat altstep template
syn match ttcnError "\<runs\>"
syn match ttcnError "\<on\>"
syn match ttcnStat "\<runs\s\+on\>"
" Predefined functions
syn keyword ttcnFunc int2char int2unichar int2bit int2hex int2oct
syn keyword ttcnFunc int2str int2float float2int char2int unichar2int
syn keyword ttcnFunc bit2int bit2hex bit2oct bit2str hex2int hex2bit
syn keyword ttcnFunc hex2oct hex2str oct2int oct2bit oct2str str2int
syn keyword ttcnFunc str2oct lengthof sizeof ispresent ischosen regexp
syn keyword ttcnFunc substr rnd
" Various keywords
syn keyword ttcnKeyw in out inout any all sender to value modifies
syn keyword ttcnKeyw nowait param length recursive except optional
syn keyword ttcnKeyw ifpresent language override
syn match ttcnKeyw "\<from\>"
" Literals
syn match ttcnError "\_^0\d\+"he=s+1
syn match ttcnError "\(\s\|\t\)0\d\+"hs=s+1,he=s+2
syn match ttcnNumber "\<\(0\|\([1-9]\d*\)\)\>"
syn match ttcnNumber "\<\(0\|\([1-9]\d*\)\)\.\d\+\>"
syn match ttcnNumber "\<\(0\|\([1-9]\d*\)\)\(\.\d\+\)\?E-\?[1-9]\d*\>"
syn match ttcnNumber "[^a-zA-Z0-9_]\@<=[+-]\d"hs=e-1,he=e-1,me=e-1
syn match ttcnNumber "\<infinity\>"
syn match ttcnNumber "-infinity\>"
syn keyword ttcnBool true false
syn keyword ttcnConst omit null pass fail inconc none error
syn region ttcnString start=/"/ end=/"/ skip=/""/ oneline
syn match ttcnString /'[01]\+'B/
syn match ttcnString /'\x\+'H/
syn match ttcnString /'\(\x\x\)\+'O/
" Comments
syn match ttcnCmnt "//.*" contains=ttcnTodo
syn region ttcnCmnt start="/\*" end="\*/" contains=ttcnTodo
syn case ignore
syn keyword ttcnTodo xxx todo fixme contained
syn case match
" Link our groups to Vim's predefined groups
if version >= 508 || !exists("g:did_ttcn_syn_inits")
if version < 508
let g:did_ttcn_syn_inits = 1
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
HiLink ttcnAttrib PreProc
HiLink ttcnBool Boolean
HiLink ttcnConst Constant
HiLink ttcnCmnt Comment
HiLink ttcnCond Conditional
HiLink ttcnContr Special
HiLink ttcnDecl Statement
HiLink ttcnError Error
HiLink ttcnExcept Exception
HiLink ttcnFunc Function
HiLink ttcnKeyw Keyword
HiLink ttcnLabel Label
HiLink ttcnModule PreProc
HiLink ttcnNumber Number
HiLink ttcnOper Operator
HiLink ttcnRepeat Repeat
HiLink ttcnStat Statement
HiLink ttcnStore StorageClass
HiLink ttcnString String
HiLink ttcnTodo Todo
HiLink ttcnType Type
HiLink ttcnTypDef TypeDef
delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "ttcn"